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As we know, sunken eyes are a very common condition that affects us on our ageing process. The causes range from stress, dehydration, poor diet and lack of sleep, among other things. I will therefore give home remedy tips to help us make our eyes beautiful and get clear bright eyes.

However, sunken eyes are not always due to tiredness or unhealthiness. They also appear on young and healthy individuals. Some home remedies are effective in getting rid of sunken eyes, starting first with the right amount of sleep! It can be tempting to stay up on our phones and get carried away with social media and late night messaging. But these habits stop us from effective sleep time and are best to be done during the day.

Some home remedies reduce under-eye darkness and can complement sunken eyes treatment. Potato and cucumber slices can be used to cover your eyes for a few minutes daily. Also, using cold or warm teabags on our eyes for a few minutes help blood circulation around the eyes. They effectively help reduce dark circles.

Also, decreasing our alcohol consumption in the evening as well as drinking a lot of water during the day is vital. Complementing that with a healthy diet with plenty of greens and leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli will also keep your skin and eyes in good health!

Follow these simple home remedies, and call now to find out more about Dermal fillers and how we can help with sunken eyes in south west London with Dr. Fern!

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You want to improve your skin texture but don’t know where to start?

There is a direct connection between your inner health (what foods you eat) and your outer beauty! If you already look younger than your age, you are on the right path. Your lifestyle and diet are the most important things that affect skin ageing and it is important that you are aware of how it might affect you. The organism needs the right amount of foods with antioxidants to combat what is known as oxidative stress, which highly degrades the production of elastin and collagen in our body.