Achieving a beautiful smile with fuller lips and white teeth can help us feel truly wonderful. As well as making us look younger and more attractive, fuller lips can give our self-confidence a considerable boost. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is a popular way of getting our dream, plump lips. But how do we achieve a look that is subtle and natural, rather than ending up with the ‘duck look’?

It’s natural to have a lot of questions when you’re preparing for lip augmentation. Does the structure of my jawline influence the outline of my lips? Do I need to take into account the shape of my face, the size of my features, and muscle position in animation when I smile? Will my age and ethnicity influence results? The simple answer is ‘Yes’: for me, beauty is about knowing that everything is connected.

So, here are some of the ways I ensure your lip augmentation has beautiful, natural results.

The natural look

Before starting lip augmentation, I always examine my patients clinically so that I can spot any details that need to be sorted. An example of this is upper lip thinning, which can be caused by overly dynamic lip muscles. I always like to treat the muscle with a Botox injection, if necessary, before injecting any types of fillers. By doing so, I can make sure their lips look beautiful and natural at all times (even when they’re smiling!).

You are unique

We cannot all have the same dream lips, because we are all different! When deciding what types of fillers would be best, I always consider the unique position of your lips to the rest of your face, the balance between the upper and lower lips, the level of hydration in your lips, and your age and ethnicity.

The shape of your teeth

As an orthodontist, I see the shape and architecture of the jaw as integral to perfect lips. I always check the positioning of the teeth, and the balance between the upper and lower jaw, before starting lip augmentation. Your lips need support and look fuller and more natural when your teeth are in the correct position! Straightening your teeth through orthodontic treatment before lip augmentation will help you achieve subtle, natural lips.

If your teeth are tilting inwards, for example, or you have an uneven ‘bite,’ more filler may be needed to compensate for the natural loss of lip support. Regardless of how well it is injected, this can make your lips look fake, pouty, or over the top. Or, if you have an ectopic eruption on the top row of teeth, this can affect the position of your lips and give an uneven smile.

A fully connected treatment

My experience as an orthodontist means that I create the perfect synergy between orthodontics and facial rejuvenation to beautifully enhance my patient’s profiles.
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