What could be more beautiful than a confident, natural and healthy smile? I cannot think of anything better than seeing someone who has a big smile on their face. It makes me feel instantly happy, and as though I want to talk to that person! Smiling is all about confidence and being happy in who we are and the way we look. So, if we have yellow, crooked or broken teeth, we might feel self-conscious about opening our mouth when we smile – meaning we smile with our lips pressed together, and look shy or unhappy as a result.

I always advise my patients who are investing in different lip filler types for lip augmentation to think about getting their teeth whitened. It is one of the simplest ways we can make a positive and youthful change to our appearance, and really enhances the impact of our new lips – making them look full, plump and beautiful. I think you’d be amazed as how confident gorgeous lips and pearly white teeth can make you feel, and what a difference your new smile makes to your self-esteem.

Whiter teeth for a brighter smile

The secret to a beautiful smile is the distinction between the colour of your lips, teeth and skin. The stronger the contrast, the brighter your smile (and the more you will use it!). It’s all about making each feature stand out for the right reasons. If your teeth are yellow, then they will blend with the pinkish tones of your skin and lips; but, if your teeth are white, then they will stand out beautifully, and make your lips look fuller and rosier at the same time.

Having your teeth whitened

There are a number of different ways people can get their teeth whitened, but the quickest and most effective method is to apply teeth whitening gel with a highly concentrated whitening agent, and use a special lamp to speed up the process with heat and light. I see amazing results within one to two hours when using this method of teeth whitening in South West London, and my clients are always delighted with their beautiful new teeth.
If you want to find out more about how to enhance your smile with white teeth and gorgeous lips, book a consultation with Dr Fern today.