What are the Parisian beauty trends for cheekbones ?

As I am a French woman myself, I feel happy talking about most French women’s views on makeup trends and, in particular, contouring. If I am being truly honest, I am personally not a fan of the trend for excessive cheekbone contouring that we see everywhere nowadays. The dramatic blend of foundation, blusher and highlighter is not delicate enough for me.

Caking on makeup is not the Parisian way – we like subtle looks that enhance our natural beauty. If anything, too much makeup can highlight our flaws, rather than covering them up. I like to think that, with simple treatments like facial mesotherapy and dermal fillers to lift the face and create the impression of high cheekbones, I can help women feel comfortable in their own skin so that they do not feel like they always have to apply a lot of makeup.

A beautiful canvas

A gorgeous face with defined cheekbones needs a beautiful, smooth canvas. Taking care of the skin, and making sure it is healthy and glowing, is the first step to achieving the perfect cheekbones. I always say to my clients that getting gorgeous skin that stays looking young is about what goes into your body – not what you apply onto it! It involves drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet that consists of a lot of fruit and vegetables. As well as this, you should have a good daily skincare regime to keep it clean and hydrated, have regular facial mesotherapy sessions and come in for dermal fillers whenever a little boost is needed.

Subtle, natural contouring

In Paris, we like to add highlights rather than accentuate shadows when creating defined cheekbones, as this achieves a more subtle, natural look – capturing a gorgeous glow on the chin, the forehead, the top of the cheekbone and the Cupid’s bow on the top lip. I generally advise starting with a moisturiser before applying any makeup, as this helps to smooth the skin. You can use a light concealer to hide any imperfections, and, if you want extra coverage, you could blend a bit of subtle foundation into your moisturiser. This will naturally bring out your skin’s glow, and, if you want more, you can use highlighter to accentuate it.

By following the Parisian beauty trends, you can feel beautiful, confident and happy! Just remember to take any makeup off before you go to sleep, as this lets your skin breathe.

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