We’ve all heard the term ‘getting your beauty sleep’. Well, as it turns out, not all sleeping positions are beneficial to our looks! In fact, a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal says that sleeping on our side or stomach is linked with getting wrinkles! Putting our head on the pillow with our face squished against it can, over time, cause distortions to the skin. The repeated pressure each night can cause patterns of ‘sleep wrinkles’ to appear on our face.

This is what Dr. Goesel Anson, who was the lead author on the study, says: “Sleep wrinkles form in response to distortion created when the face is pressed against any sleep surface. They tend to worse over time due to repetition combined with thinning of the skin and decreased elasticity as we age.” Apparently, we change position about 20 times a night (on average), and sleep on our sides 65 percent of the time. As we get older, we shift positions less and less, but, by our late 20s, the lines have already started to be etched onto our face!

While some of these wrinkles blend in with our ‘expression lines’ (the wrinkles made by our facial expression, particularly when we laugh and frown), a lot of them mark the skin at different angles, making our face look more lined. They generally appear on the forehead, cheeks and around the lips, as these are the areas that are compressed when we sleep on our side or stomach. Unlike expression lines, sleep wrinkles are not caused by our muscles. This means I cannot treat them using Botox, but I can use dermal fillers to smooth them out.

I love helping my patients achieve beautiful, natural, line-free skin that keeps them looking youthful and glowing. As well as coming to me for some filler treatment, there are some ways that men and women can stop lines appearing in the first place. Dr. Anson says: “One way to minimize sleep wrinkles is to limit facial distortion during sleep. If you can stay on your back, that’s ideal. There are several specialty pillows available to help achieve that. Dermal fillers  or threads can temporarily improve wrinkles of any type; however, neurotoxins won’t have much effect on these wrinkles since they are not caused by muscle contractions”.

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