A regular skin regimen is the first step towards maintaining a healthy skin tone and prevent wrinkles. Now, what is the correct skincare regime? Do I have to spend a lot of money to get a cream that works? Which one is the best? Here is my skin care advice:

Exfoliate your skin

The correct skin care should include exfoliation once a week and use of serum on an everyday basis. The most expensive creams are not always the best creams. The molecules in most of the creams that are on the market are too big to pass the skin barrier.

Use products that will penetrate the skin layer

I like and highly recommend the Agera range product. AGERA® Rx is the first skin care range in the world to use tiny bio emulsion particles to encapsulate its powerful anti-ageing ingredients and deliver them deep within the skin (see diagrams). These minuscule particles penetrate the skin’s outer layer to ensure minimum irritation and maximum results.

AGERA® Rx anti-ageing skin care has been scientifically proven to penetrate and stimulate the skin for rapid, visible results. Powerful antioxidants protect against free radical damage, while retinol of varying strengths smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles.

Growth Factor Peptides, available exclusively in AGERA® Rx, help to control the skin’s internal aging process while restoring and maintaining its thickness and resilience for a beautiful natural skin.

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