Can’t stand grey hairs? Here’s what to do!

No matter how old we are, there will be a point in our life in which grey hairs will start haunting us and our hair! For this reason, I have assembled a few tips to make sure you deal with this problem in absolute style!

  1. I spotted those two grey hair strands and I’m freaking out?! Don’t worry, it is more than normal to have a few strands of grey hair, which means it’s not a sign that there will be more. Therefore, you can simply cut them out carefully instead of plucking your hair, as this will damage and traumatize your hair follicle.
  2. Is my hair connected to my diet? Bingo! By using our diet as an effective prevention tool, we can reduce our chances of getting grey hair. Researchers have identified that grey hair is linked with a lack of vitamin B in our diet. Focusing on protein at breakfast and lunch increases energy to hair tissue, as well as keeping hydrated and healthy. And if you’re a vegetarian, a soya base protein diet will do wonders for your hair too!
  3. Does stress cause grey hair? It surely helps! What causes grey hairis very varied but your hair is in the same predicament as the rest of your body in terms of health. So, smoking, drinking alcohol, increased stress and lack of exercise can contribute to grey hair problems like the rest of our body. So minimizing these bad habits can slow down gray hair and put us on the right track!
  4. The only solution is to dye my hair? Not really! There are many solutions out in the market for grey hairs where you can avoid dying your hair. These include powders and coloring sticks. And as we know that it is quite a task to keep dying your hair all the time (whether at home or at the salon), these are quick and easy solutions for your lazy days! I recommend: bumble &  Bumble Powder and Roux’s Tween Time HaircolorTouch-up Stick!
  5. I have to dye all my hair now? Not at all. You can use this opportunity to get highlights if you only have little grey hairs. Blond highlights are in fashion and if you go to the right salon, you can get a killer look with the advice of a professional. What’s even better? It will completely fit with your summer look!
  6. And what about a semi-permanent hair dye? Recommended! Semi-perms are a great alternative if you don’t like highlights and you don’t want to dye all your hair. Semi-perms coat the outside of your hair shaft and lasts for about 6 weeks before you have to go in for another one. It is a great alternative as it washes out, hence giving you the freedom to experiment the best colors that will suit you.
  7. Is it alright to wear grey hair? Absolutely yes! Like I said in the beginning of this article, there is no telling exactly what causes grey hair. They just pop up! Going grey is not always the cause of ageing. And if you are confident enough to pull it off, there is nothing wrong with adopting gray hairs as a style! Think George Clooney and Kylie Jenner and get inspired to do the same!