Stay young and natural with Botox!

Stay young and natural with Botox!

Stay young and natural with Botox!

Stay young and natural with Botox!

Do you look in the mirror and feel like your best years are already behind you? I think not!

Botox can do absolute wonders for our looks! People’s pre-conceived ideas about Botox might give you the wrong idea about it, as the media portrays it as providing only the ”perfect” look, connoting a fake image and appearance.

Also, some individuals are afraid of using Botox as they believe that repetition will end in the abuse of the substance, reinforcing a ”fake” look!

Although this can be true, that some opt for the ”flawless” look; at the London Facial Care, we cater to each need. Using the correct technique is essential and request to assess muscle activity accurately, observing if there is any asymmetry, injecting Botox precisely, and knowing how much to use and with which dilution.

So if you want a more natural look too, there is space to consider both needs and possibilities.

However, treatment options must be carefully examined to ensure synergy of the face, leading me to share my experience with my patients about Botox treatment:

Botox is beneficial when used in the crow’s feet area in conjunction with the forehead, as it leads to a soft and natural look!

So if you want to look ten years younger than you are, it is possible to soften your wrinkles and keep a natural look at the same time.

As a result, my general tip for my patients is to have an open mind in combining different treatments to correct the whole and not the part. It allows a chance for treatments like Mesotherapy, PRP, and fillers to fill in the gaps that may be Botox cannot fix alone.

Wrinkle treatments or Botox treatments are painless and last up to six months, being an excellent alternative to surgical interventions. It is an excellent way to slow the ageing effects of time, giving you not only a youthful look but a young feeling and a glowing skin!

So, if you wish to find out more about Botox treatment, please call the practice, my assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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