Correct and transform your skin with Obagi New Derm

Do you feel like your skin is going through the early signs of ageing? Are fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots starting to worry you?

Then worry no more, with the Obagi Nu-Derm ® System! This system has been a real transformation in the aesthetic market, bringing a physician-dispensed treatment to your skin at the cellular level.

Why choosing Obagi Nu Derm System?

It means that the Nu-Derm ® System can address what we call photo damage skin . Photo damage is ageing signs caused by harmful UV rays and the Nu-Derm ® System can correct photo damage and restore health to your skin cells, making your skin look younger and healthier.

As skin cell production is slowed through environmental stressors on a daily level, it causes an imbalance between the rejection of damaged old cells and the growth of healthy new cells. It causes collagen and elastin production to diminish, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

Photo damage can also cause skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, sallowness, and erythema (redness).

How does it work?

  • Nu-Derm ® System will transform your skin by penetrating below the surface of your skin, instead of remaining at a superficial level as most treatments do.
  • By transforming your skin cells at the cellular level, it can correct the damage from inside out.
  • By adopting the specific doses on a daily and consistent routine, it will exfoliate your old skin and leave room for healthy and new skin with the proven result!
  • The concept behind Obagi Nu-Derm ® System is it better not to be used with other products. Each step has its meaning to target the issue and bring the best outcome.
    As an example, the formulation of the Obagi toner is specifically done to bring down the ph of the skin and facilitate the penetration of the other products, which will be applied on the skin after the toner.
  • Another example, the use of Tretinoin with the blender is an essential element of the Obagi Nu-Derm ® System to work efficiently on ageing spots but not every Tretinoin cream are not the same; The Tretinoin from Obagi has been clinically tested to make sure preservation of the product, quality of the molecules used are the best. Three tests need to be done to follow UK regulations: Integrity, safety, and efficacy. Obagi dit it all and passed successfully.
  • Often some patients complain about having done IPL ( Intense plus light ) or laser skin rejuvenation treatment to treat Melasma and deceived that result is all gone after a while. It is essential to avoid such a situation to have a therapy with Obagi Nu-Derm ® System before and after to prevent a flashback and also as a practitioner taking time to educate our patient appropriately to make sure the result will be maintained.

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