Your food intake is just as important as the products you apply on your skin! If you want glowing and younger looking skin, our diet tips are your way forward.

Vitamin C is one of the essentials for a healthy diet and skincare. It promotes the growth of collagens, which act as supporting structures to allow for more defined and wrinkle free skin.

For skin protection against the sun, a diet rich with Vitamin E is important. Your skin contains a lot of Vitamin E at the outermost layer which means it will be the top-line of defence and keep your skin hydrated.

The cells in our body are made of 99% water including our skin cells! This means that it is vital to keep hydrated to ensure that your skin is soft and lustrous.

Stress from the sun causes inflammation of the skin, resulting in free radicals, molecules that damage the skin. Incorporating food that has a high amount of Omega-3 helps to combat against this, reducing the formation of wrinkles.

The types of food you must avoid are just as important as the those you must incorporate into your diet!

Even though eating a lot of candy is nostalgic and brings you back to you childhood, it may be the culprit making you look older and causing your skin to sag. When there is too much glucose running through your bloodstream, a process called glycation is carried out by your body. This is a process in which the sugar attaches itself to the proteins in your body making “Advanced Glycation End” products (AGEs). AGEs naturally build up under the skin as you get old, ultimately causing your skin to sag, giving you a more wrinkled appearance.

If you find that your skin breaks after indulging in milk, this may be what is causing your acne. The research indicates that hormones, specifically androgens, and insulin rise to high levels. Milk is believed to disallow the activation of some of these hormones, meaning they are free to roam and cause the spots and oily skin you are familiar with.

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