Often it is thought that just fixing drooping eyelids is enough to rejuvenate the look. Not necessarily!

It is no coincidence that in recent years, makeup products to structure and emphasise eyes and eyebrows abound in the beauty departments. Eyebrows provided and well-drawn; there is no such thing to structure a face and make the look hyper-expressive. They are rounded, angular, winged… to each its pair!

But with age, when the fat pad on which they rest, the muscles and the skin age, it is their whole structure that collapses!

We find ourselves with a beaten look (especially when the eyebrows are naturally low) and a narrowed field of vision, which sticks us ten years older. An eyelid lift can sometimes be enough to refresh the look. But not always! When the eyebrow has begun to fall, it is imperative to straighten it too, on pain of a disappointing result. So eyelids and eyebrows are intimately linked!


Patients can always opt for a medical blepharoplasty PLASMAGE (eye lift) to lighten the distended upper eyelid, thus opening and illuminating the eyes. However, this does not change the position of the eyebrow, which remains low. It is, therefore, useful to practice a second gesture that will raise the tail of the eyebrow.

Many patients have a fear of anesthesia or to have their eyes transformed, and prefer to limit themselves to eyelid surgery.

Because the eyebrow inexorably continues to fall over the years, it is highly useful to treat the area in conjunction with the eyelids to achieve the perfect results! Some of the treatments that I offer my patients to complement their PLASMAGE treatment include:


For solutions to straighten the eyebrows with a moderate fall, injections of Botox are a possible solution to perfect your non-surgical eye lift! It acts on the frontal muscle balance by decreasing the action of the muscles lowering the eyebrow.

That’s what raises the eyebrow. Nevertheless, the product does not work on everyone. Take the test: raise your eyebrows. If this movement causes an elevation of the tail of the eyebrow, then the injection is for you! Otherwise, go to one of the solutions below. The result appears between one to two weeks and lasts 4 to 6 months.


Fillers are the solution that I propose when I diagnose in addition to the relaxed eyebrow, very hollow temples (common on the narrow faces that have been emaciated with time).

In this case, an injection of hyaluronic acid directly in the temples makes it possible to put back the skin in tension and to ascend the tail of the eyebrow slightly. If the result is insufficient, I can supplement it with an injection of a hyaluronic acid that is more fluid in the external third of the eyebrow to give it body again. The result lasts for about a year.


PDO thread is a solution proposed as an alternative to Botox. The insertion is smooth, without consequences. In case of slight relaxation, I start with a mesh of 4 PDO threads on each side of the eyebrows.

The result can last between eight and twelve months, and contrary to the injection of hyaluronic acid, it does not weigh down the eyelid. If the fall is a little more pronounced and the skin is thick, I put larger PDO wires, for a higher resetting effect.

Light bruising is possible in this highly vascularised area, but it is easily hidden under the hair. I usually adapt my technique and response according to the degree of ptosis (fall) of the patient. In all cases, the result of these threads does not exceed one year.

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