What is the hope for a baldness cure?

Baldness usually refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness. Some people prefer to let their hair loss take its course without treatment, and without trying to hide it. Others choose to camouflage their baldness with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves. Still, others opt for one of the treatments to prevent hair loss and restore growth.

But sometimes, it’s too late to opt for preventive or regrowth treatments as the follicle has already DIED out. Is there any solution then?

Luckily, there might be! Scientists have designed a new chemical that intends to imitate sandalwood smells, which has been proven to provoke hair regrowth in humans.

According to a recent study using scalp tissue, there have been claims that this chemical does stimulate hair regrowth. Although the product hasn’t been tested on real-life humans, there are now volunteers undertaking tests to trial this product. It effectively means that the cure to baldness is not far away, possibly eliminating the need for transplants as such!

This “chemical” has been developed by scientists through a substance known as Sandalore. Sandalore imitates the smell of sandalwood, which is the substance used in cleaning products and perfumes.

Scientists found that the odor of sandalwood can regulate cell functions in the human body, which also includes hair regrowth. By focusing on the OR2AT4 receptor, which is found on hair follicles, they discovered that they could both decrease cell death of the follicle as well as increase its hair regrowth properties.

Like our nose, our hair can “smell” such chemical, which therefore controls key stimulants that affect hair regrowth.

A current study occurring in Italy involves 20 female volunteers that are using Sandalore on a testing basis. This study is already suggesting proven results in the reduction of hair loss, which is further supporting a potential future for the cure of baldness. There are projects for a larger-scale clinical trial, which is planned to start next year!

In the aesthetic industry, this is groundbreaking as there has never been a solution to baldness apart from transplants, which can go very wrong and look aesthetically displeasing. At theLondonFacialCare, we seek out natural results through anti-aging treatments for hair such as PRP. However, once the hair follicle has died, it is near impossible to prevent baldness. It is why we are very excited about this possible cure since it will help hundreds of patients to gain their confidence back without having to go through a risky surgery!

There have been rumours that this treatment is not far at all from being implemented as a treatment in the forthcoming future, so stay tuned!

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