Myomodulation for gummy smile |TheLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

Myomodulation for gummy smile |TheLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

Myomodulation for gummy smile |TheLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

Myomodulation for gummy smile can be achieved with Botox and as well as with Fillers depending on the case.

A beautiful smile is important. It’s the first thing most people notice when they meet you and can have a significant impact on their lasting impression of you.

In the past, the primary option for treating a gummy smile was to have surgery, which could involve sculpting or contouring the gum to shape it and remove excess gum tissue from the mouth, or a lip-lowering procedure to cover up an overly gummy smile. Surgery could also focus on altering the size and shape of the teeth or changing the position of the upper jaw.

Nowadays, though, there are far less invasive methods for reducing the appearance of a gummy smile, such as getting Botox treatment in London and Filler.

Botox as it is quick and easy to administer, and means that my patients don’t have to spend time recovering from surgery. The treatment takes about 10 minutes; often, it requires an adjustment dose and can last up to six months, after which they simply come in for some more. Botox is injected into the upper lip Levators muscle so that the muscle relaxes. It reduces the amount it moves when we smile, hiding any excess gum. As a result, you’ll find that you smile more and more and feel happier in your skin!

You can as well use some filler. When there is a real bone deficiency in the premaxillary zone, to stabilise the area, the levator muscles compensate by over contracting to create a gummy smile. Injecting filler at the bone level is done using a cannula ( a blunt needle) to decrease the action of those muscles when smiling.

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