Are you in your twenties and thinking about preventive Botox?

With a fast-evolving society, standards of beauty and perfection have changed over time to become more rigorous and less tolerating of flaws and imperfections. Photos shopped images of celebrities that have the ‘perfect look’ are at the forefront of magazines, which has made the new generation of youngsters even keener to adopt a flawless look! Taboos around the best time to focus on using non-surgical treatments to improve our looks have stopped us from starting Botox at a young age.

Is it necessary to wait?

Not really! Preventive Botox and maintenance in our 20’s is something that can be used as long as every individual case is checked and judged by a practitioner to need it!

With preventive Botox, I have seen the improvements it has made on my patients, here at The London Facial Care!

From 20 to 80 year-olds, Botox can be tailored to different ages when used in the right circumstances and when used in the right amount.

Some individuals that are already in their 20’s already have etched-in wrinkles, which can be easily fixed and remedied with the use of Botox. If they waited longer; however, the results of fixing wrinkles and lines would not be as effective a measure had we solved the problem earlier.

With preventive botox, I like to use a lower dose of Botox with very precise micro-injections delivered on specific areas of the face such as the forehead, the brows, and around the eyes. The result is natural, with an eyebrow lift effect when requested. It slows down the ageing process and the formation of static wrinkles.

Don’t start too soon

On the other hand, it is never a good idea to start too soon. If you have no wrinkles to fix and regularly inject fillers and Botox, your skin can stretch over time, creating an unnatural look with an unfortunate skin condition both inside and out. If you come to this stage, it is tough to reverse the effects this has on your skin.

Finally, here at The London Facial Care, I make sure never to inject preventive Botox if I feel it to be unnecessary. I aim to provide a youthful and fresh look, but by keeping it natural and in synergy with your overall appearance and age! By studying and analyzing each case, we can always achieve the look you are looking for!

Which product to chose to inject?

With a wide array of options on the market, Dysport, Azzalure, Xeomin, and BoCotture are many of the same products around Botox that can achieve wonders for us to keep a young and youthful appearance.

If you wish to find out more about those procedures and concerns about wrinkles appearing on your face, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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