Men and women nowadays should look a minimum of 10 years younger with the constant progress in advanced technology and techniques available such as Botox, fillers, mesotherapy treatments.

Dreams can become a reality if you do what is necessary.

The sooner you start thinking about anti-age treatments for the face, and the quicker you start, the better the results in the long run.

With ageing, the epidermis reduced its numbers of cell layers, and the dermal collagen fibers turned to be sparse, slender, or broken.

What does it mean for you when you look at your skin? What are the ageing skin changes? thinning, sagging, wrinkling, loss of elasticity, areas of dryness, and an inverse turnover of collagen type I/III ratio in the skin; meaning the reduced synthesis of collagen type I and  unregulated production of collagen type III

One of the primary uses of mesotherapy is to improve skin condition and firmness.

The area targeted with mesotherapy is the extracellular matrix (ECM), which contains elastin, collagen, and other glycoproteins. They support the skin structure.

With time:

  • loss of collagen and elastic will cause loss of volume and laxity with sagging skin,
  • The unbalanced between collagen type I and III will reduce the smoothness of natural repair
  • tissue oxidation and degradation of the matrix itself
  • Hyper or irregular pigmentation

It is essential to keep the ECM functioning properly to maintain a delicate balance for a healthy, glowing skin tone and prevent wrinkles.

Mesotherapy treatment involves multiple microinjections of effective combinations such as nutrients, hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and other reagents that have been diluted and are administered directly into the region to be treated under the skin’s surface.

They stimulate collagen production and improves elasticity, pigmentation, and texture to enhance skin quality.

hyaluronic acid is vital for skin hydration but diminishes very quickly over the years to be none in senescent skin with volume loss and skin ageing

Hyaluronic acid is essential as well in the scare-free healing process and improves skin structure and quality by increasing ratio between collagen type I and III with an increase of synthesis of collagen type I

I use some non-reticulated HA-based, which is the best to improves skin elasticity and complexion radiance. HA is as well a perfect substrate for other ingredients injected at the same time, such as vitamins.


Recently, Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), an analog of the B vitamin choline and a precursor of acetylcholine, has been receiving more attention as an exciting new skincare supplement for its acute effects of antiaging, antiwrinkle, and skin firmness.

However, tropical treatment with DMAE to reduce forehead lines and fine periorbital wrinkles and improve the shape and the overall appearance of facial skin requires usually high dose and concentration to pass through the epidermal permeability barrier, which could incur concerns of its toxicity, side effects.


Studies have shown that mesotherapy with co-injection of Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) and Amino Acids ( AA) reduce cellular toxicity of DMAE injection,  increase the levels of hydroxyproline content (a significant component of the protein collagen playing a pivotal role in collagen stability)  and collagen type I am remodeling skin texture and improving the thickness of ageing skin.


DMAE and compound AA had limited effects on skin moisturizing; it is why each mesotherapy session needs to be bespoke and complementary to each other to get the best result over time and achieve the subtle beauty preservation for which we all strive.

Mesotherapy can also be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments to give improved results. It will be discussed with me at your consultation.

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