Ageing Process - Surface Ageing Trigger Points

Ageing Process - Surface Ageing Trigger Points

Ageing Process - Surface Ageing Trigger Points

Over the last 200 years in the UK, life expectancy doubled and is almost reaching 90 years.

It is not a life that science, techniques have prolonged; it is old age. The real wonder would be to keep us until death’s door in the state and the appearance of an adult of 30 or 40 years, fresh and ready, to settle us forever in the age of our choice. In our day’s age is tolerable only if you remain decent in body and mind.

There is a new approach in aesthetic to start making this dream becoming a reality.

As we monitor our health with a regular check-up to our GP, we should be able to do the same and monitor state of our appearance from time to time visiting our aesthetic practitioner. And do what is necessary at the correct time if we want to delay the ageing process. 

Complementary to the MD codes techniques to inject dermal fillers,  Dr. Mauricio de Maio has developed a new concept based on aesthetic indicators that, if corrected at an early stage, may provide optimal conditions for physical appearance.

Those aesthetic indicators are called Surface Ageing Trigger Points (SATP). There are 16 facial SATP.

Sooner you monitor your Surface Ageing Trigger Points (SATP) and start correcting a structural deficiency or deficiency due to ageing process; more manageable it will be to keep yourself with a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

More you wait, more issues become complex to treat, and more SATP are involved. It takes more fillers and time to correct, sometimes with limitations, and it becomes more costly.

For the past ten years, Dr. Fern has been attending Dr. Mauricio De Maio conferences and workshops and became an expert in MD Codes and Surface Ageing Trigger Points.

Find out for yourself the state of your Surface Ageing Trigger Points and discover what needs to be done to keep a fresh and desirable look!

Online Facial Consultation is now available.

At home, the office, out and about or abroad, TheLondonFacialCare with Dr. Fern provides you now with proactive expertise from your device. 

Stay tuned! 

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