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Do wrinkles on your neck and décolleté make you unhappy?

If so, TEOSYAL®RHA’s range of wrinkle fillers is here to improve your life. It is the perfect filler for décolletage and your neck, solving those fine wrinkles we all hate!

TEOSYAL RHA 1 and 2 from Teoxane Laboratories are innovative and dynamic products that improve skin elasticity and restores skin tonicity of the face and hands, as well as the neck and décolleté!


PDO threads are the best non-surgical options on the market right now, if you want to tighten your neck and décolleté !

PDO threads is a collagen stimulant and induces fat cell death which helps by reversing sagging effects of the skin. This in turns also helps by rejuvenating areas like the neck and décolleté by leaving them wrinkle free and tight.


As the years go by, it is increasingly apparent that our face is not the only give away of our age! Our neck and décolletage is an important aspect of our skincare regimen that we often seem to neglect it, forgiving a crepeey neck and décolletage. However, it is never too late and here at the London Facial Care, and Dr Fern invites you to enjoy a special offer! Receive a reduced price of £250 instead of £350 for the use of a second syringe of 1ml from Teosyal RHA2 product which is, in our days, one of the best product to achieve a natural and sensual look ready to achieve a beautiful and refreshed neck and décolleté!

Offer valid until 31 December 2017

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When you think about anti-ageing techniques, what are the first things that come to mind? Your hair, your face and your skin in general!

However right you are in this matter, we have neglected our hands so much that we forget that they are a key indicator of our age and that they deserve as much attention as the rest!

By the end of our thirties, we tend to see the lasting effects of chemicals that change the appearance of our hands, due to heat and cold weather conditions as well as everyday chores that deal with chemicals.

This is why this month, we are here to direct attention to our beautiful hands and how to take care of our hands with hand anti-ageing treatments that will work wonders!

Love your hands like you love your face! Call today to book an appointment for a bespoke consultation to find out which treatment is suitable for you!

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How do you make your hands look younger ? Have you looked at your hands and not recognised yourself in them? There is a high possibility that this is a result of certain factors that we are usually unaware of.

For example, our hands have a tendency to age quicker than the rest of our body and face. This is because our skin is much thinner on the back of our hands than the rest of our body. Therefore, fat loss and natural loss of collagen overtime increases the ageing factor of our hands!


Which fillers are best for hands?

The best fillers for hand will all depend on the condition of your hands and whether they just need maintenance or a full blown restoration of volume to improve your skin texture!


Make your hands look younger with dr Fern’s offer !

Have your hands gone wrinkly and old? Does is lack coherence with the rest of your body?

Don’t worry, we are here to do something about it! Here at The London Facial Care, we know that hands are a real give away of our age, no matter how good our face looks!

This is why this month, we are reducing our prices to £350 instead of £450 for the use of a second syringe of 1ml from Teosyal range product which is, in our days, one of the best product to achieve a natural and sensual look ready to achieve beautiful hands, and refreshed hands!

Enjoy our offer of the month and make sure not to miss out!

Offer valid until 30th November 2017

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What is your options for improving and get rid of nasolabial folds?

Nasolabial folds evolve as we age, as a result of bone loss in our body. This ends up by giving our face a more deepening look. As our bones shrink, particularly in the mid-facial region ,our skin tissue sinks into our face with it and we are unable to keep a plump and young look anymore!

Loss of fat from various fat compartments (cheeks, temples, lips and chin) is as well a component of face ageing to take in consideration, accentuated as well by the loss of elasticity of the soft tissues.

As the area of our face moves downwards, they end up creating a fold called Nasolabial Folds or smile lines.


MD Codes, the secret to get rid of your mouth lines with a natural result.

Face sculpting with the MD codes is a series of key injections points for dermal fillers to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance. The aim is to deliver a natural-look to my patients!

Instead of treating the problem area, this technique focuses on treating the cause of the issue, and effectively will get rid of your mouth lines.

With a traditional approach to dermal filler treatment, fillers are injected directly in the concerned area that the patient is pointing out, like for example, the nasolabial folds. At times, the added weight and volume simply results in more sagging and drooping, resulting in an unnatural appearance. Therefore, the cause of the ageing process is not really being addressed.

With the MD codes technique, after analysis, the filler will maybe not be injected into the concerned area but into the source of the issue. Being treated holistically will get a much more effective result. Small volumes of dermal fillers injected at precise points will create a natural looking lift and a rejuvenated look. The MD codes before and after results have shown great results.

This method of treatment is far safer and superior to any other method to get rid of your mouth lines. So don’t wait and book a consultation to get a bespoke analysis and find out what treatment is suitable for you!

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As you get older, your skin can start to sag because the underlying soft tissue loses its volume. When this happens to your face, it can result in a sunken, hollow appearance, casting shadows that can make you look old and haggard. This is why the London Facial Care offers great options for nasolabial fold treatment!

If the effects of ageing are getting you down and making you look older than you feel, come and try our nasolabial folds dermal fillers. I only use the best products on the market! From Juvederm to Teosyal, with a preference for Teosyal.

Before After Nasolabial Folds Fillers – Make your dream a reality

Before  after  nasolabial folds fillers; Make your dream a reality !

When my patients walk into my practice with concerns about their nasolabial folds, the first thing I look at are their cheeks! This is because nasolabial folds and cheeks are the Romeo & Juliet of our story. They are too complementary to work without each other!


Because our cheeks loose volume as we age, this causes our face to sag. Hence, the appearance of nasolabial folds are a result of the lack of volume in our cheeks, giving us smile lines on the face!  So we need to take careful considerations when thinking of nasolabial fold correction.

I am able to fix this by using nasolabial fold fillers to increase the volume in your cheekbones, and hence directly affect your nasolabial folds! By focusing on both point, we are able to attain a younger and more natural result!

So, if you want to find out more, wish to make your dream a reality and get rid of your nasolabial folds, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment to see me!

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Are you starting a new job? Or are you coming back to work after a nice summer holiday?

You want to look your best but you can see the loss in the benefit of your holidays, after a week back to work?

Have your Botox treatment with Dr. Fern!

This month we will explore the endless possibilities of softening wrinkle treatments to maintain a youthful, fresh and natural appearance!

We will keep an eye out on the catwalk “Notre coup de Coeur!” for a winter coat to keep us warm in style! we will keep you up to date with what is Botox and general information about Botox treatment!

We will also choose the best lipstick colour for the fall and of course we will uplift our spirits with some beautiful Haikus to celebrate this Autumn season!

Stay tuned!

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To keep you fresh, Dr. Fern is inviting you to enjoy a special Autumn offer and get a 30 minute complimentary consultation. Dr. Fern will provide you with a facial analysis to assess your need to fight the ageing process and soften wrinkles with Botox and how to prevent wrinkles on the long run.

Call today and book a consultation with Dr. Fern to achieve beautiful, youthful skin and a killer look! Feel confident again!

              Offer valid until 30 2017

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Preventive Botox to look our best at work
  • Preventive Botox to Look our best at work
    • Looking fresh and vital is not just a matter of vanity but can also be a  professional survival.
    • As we grow older, we need to be the best versions of ourselves. And this is why we do several things to keep us ahead of the game, like go to the gym, watch our diet, whiten our teeth and have Botox done regularly!
    • It is normal to be apprehensive in the job industry, even though age discrimination is against the law. But even younger individuals in their 20s and 30s are preventing the ageing skin process by having preventive Botox!
Stay young and natural with Botox!

Do you look in the mirror and feel like your best years are already behind you? I think not!

Botox can do absolute wonders for our looks to stay young and natural ! People’s pre-conceived ideas about Botox might give you the wrong idea about it, as the media portrays it as giving only the ‘perfect’ look, connoting a fake image and appearance.

Also, some individuals are afraid of using Botox as they believe that repetition will end in the abuse of the substance, reinforcing a ‘fake’ look!

Although this can be true, that some opt for the ‘flawless’ look, at the London Facial Care, we cater for each individual needs. Using the correct technique is essential and request to assess muscle activity properly, observing if there is any assymetry, injecting Botox precisely and  knowing how much to use and with which dilution.

Axillary hyperhydrosis – Botox solution

Axillary hyperhydrosis – Botox Solution

If you sweat excessively, you may be suffering from a medical condition known as Hyperhydrosis. Axillary hyperhydrosis can be personally distressing and interfere with your social and professional life. Fortunately, underarm sweat is treatable and Botox™ is the new and effective treatment for axillary hyperhydrosis. I’ll be happy to discuss this with you in a sensitive manner and in complete confidence.

Botox™ offers a safe alternative to surgical interventions, on-going topical applications or frequent treatment modalities for reducing sweating, with no significant complications or side effects.

The power of Botox disables the sweat glands and causes the sweating on the treated area to stop. This medicine prevents the function of the sympathetic nerves and sweating reduces a few days after the injection. This way a good result will stay for 6-12 months.

Botox is injected only dermal (intra-dermal) so that the effect on muscles is almost non-existent.

If you wish to know more about this treatment, please call the practice, my assistants will be more than happy to book you in for an appointment with me.

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Non-surgical brow lift with Botox

Have you ever wondered what a non-surgical brow lift is? An Eyebrow lift is an advanced non-surgical brow lift cosmetic procedure that raises the position of the eyebrow. A gently arched eyebrow conveys an attractive, youthful, happy and confident individual. It is usually a more feminine aspect of beauty.

This is where Botox comes in. Treatments can be performed with BOTOX® to achieve a perfect eyebrow lift. Depending on the desired shape of the brow, small doses of botulinum toxin can be injected to elevate and promote a lateral eyebrow, lifting or elevating the intermediate or medial part of the eyebrow.

The best result is achieved when treating the eyebrow lift together with the other areas of the upper face. In the case of a sagging brow, the use of dermal filler or threads could be necessary to get a complete and efficient result.

If you wish to find out more about this Botox treatment, please call the practice, my assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

Online Facial Consultation now available. A complete and precise assessment of patient’s need through Dr Fern’s unique Expertise wherever you are.

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Botox to reduce platysmal neck bands

Amazing results can be achieved with the use of Botox and Dysport for platysmal neck bands.

What are Platysmal neck bands ?
Usually muscles lie deep to the skin which is not the case for the platysmal. Instead, the platysmal run just below the skin in the neck area from the clavicle to the border of the mandible . Because of its association with the skin, changes in the muscle and skin tension can lead to platysmal  being more visible.

If you lose weight, the platysmal can become more prominent or also more visible when getting older. The  layer of fat covering the platysmal become thinner

How to get rid of Platysmal neck Bands ?

Restoration of a youthful neck is essential in facial rejuvenation.

Botox is an easy and efficient method to get rid of mild to moderate platysmal neck bands.Botox injections in the platysmal muscle release the tension caused when we activate this muscle when talking , smiling eating. As a consequence, skin in the neck area look softer and rejuvenate and  it stops the neck from looking scraggy both vertically and along the horizontal rings.

Patients will require less Botox injection treatment and may have better results than some, but some excellent results can be achieved as well in older patients when combining this treatment with Threads or Dermal fillers (in this delicate area, I use only a blunt cannula to inject fillers to avoid bruising). It also helps to tighten ageing skin and can restore the original contour of the jaw line more effectively.

Does treatment for platysmal neck bands painful ?

The treatments that we offer for platysmal are virtually painless and only take around 20 minutes. After 3-4 weeks , you will start to enjoy a rejuvenate neck ,  effects of this treatment usually lasting from between three and five months.

To find out more about the use of Botox for platysmal  and treatment which could suit you best, please call the practice, my assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment.

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Beyond Botox – the future of anti-ageing

Beyond Botox – the future of anti-ageing

When we think about anti-ageing techniques, we quickly imagine sunscreens or face creams, or even our diet.  Some might already know about techniques such as Mesotherapy, Botox and PRP.

But the last years have seen science advance at unimaginable levels. The development of lab researches has landed us with items like ‘the second skin’ that can erase wrinkles for certain periods of time.

Sounds weird, right? Hold on, you will love this! This ‘second skin’ is a polymer film that is silicone-based,which was developed at MIT university in the USA, and that is said to cover wrinkles and eye bags for 24 hours. This makes the skin look smoother and firmer, as if you have undergone a Mesotherapy session! 


One of the first things people notice about us is our aesthetics, specially our hair!

With the years, hair has meant different things to society. Looking back, it once indicated social status as well as religious and social statements about people in society.

Hair is a conversation starter and is usually used as a pre-judgement factor on someone’s personality and attributes, depending on the amount of hair products you use or don’t use in your hair care routine. People also make pre-judgements on your health, wealth and sexual desirability depending on how your hair looks like.

For example, long and healthy hair which is smooth and silky is marketed on TV adverts, making hair and haircare an important factor that is linked to sexuality! On the other hand, crazy hair styles are often viewed as passing on a message of non-conformity or of a big personality (think Lady Gaga)!

So, giving the importance of our beautiful and fragile hair, this month’s focus will be all about how to get healthy hair to shine under the sun! We will mainly focus on treatments to help stop hair thinning, what is alopecia, how to deal with grey hair.

And finally, we will also get inspiration from our stars for the best hair style to wear this summer and chose from the catwalk the best swimsuits of the summer to look our best while walking along the beach! All this whilst showing off our beautiful and shiny hair!

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