In Korea, beauty ideals are some of the most distinctive in the world, based on the idea of women being childlike and innocent. Korean women are thought to be beautiful if they have a slim, petite figure, for example, and a small face with a V-shaped jawline and double eyelids (where the eyelids have a crease, which many Asian women do not have). In fact, many women even undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this look! Another beauty standard that Korean women try to uphold is having spotless, blemish-free, bright skin that is white in tone (something that can be enhanced with dark hair and full, red lips). Korea is something of a beauty mecca, with trends that are far more advanced than other countries! Here is my favorite beauty trend from Korea at the moment.

Cherry lips

Koreans have a beautiful makeup look called ‘cherry lips’, which is a gradient style of lip makeup that is dark pink or red in the middle and then fades out to a pale lip colour. It is similar to our fashion for ombre lips (where a lip colour evolves from lightest to darkest), but is slightly more subtle, using delicate pinks and reds rather than bold statement tones. The Korean makeup gradient lips style is supposed to create a ‘just-sucked-on-a-lollipop’ look – which is another way to achieve the beauty standard of childlike innocence!

Achieving the ‘cherry lips’ look

The trend of cherry lips in Korean makeup is a fairly simple look to replicate. One approach is to apply concealer or a nude lipstick to your lips, so that you cover up your natural colour, and then smudge a bit of red or pink lipstick or lip tint to the middle part of your lips. Or, for a more subtle look, you could just apply the lipstick or lip tint directly to the centre of your lips, then kiss your lips together so that the colour blends gradually into your natural colour. To really enhance the look, you could even add some clear gloss over the top of the colour.

The benefits of gradient lips in Korean makeup

I think the Korean cherry lips trend is a simple way to enhance your natural beauty and create a subtle-yet-gorgeous look. As well as this, it can be used to draw attention away from the lips – for example, if you have applied dramatic eye makeup and want this to be the focus. Or, if you have overly plump lips that you are self-conscious about, the cherry lips style is a perfect way to make them look instantly smaller and more delicate. These are just some of the reasons that many Korean celebrities opt for the look, both on and off screen.