Have you ever wanted to contour your jawline for a killer look but didn’t know where to start?

Tune up for another TheLondonFacialCare makeup tips! We’ve compiled the best products in the market for jawline contouring and few techniques and methods to really get that jawline defined!

So if you weren’t born with Kate Moss’s bone structure, you’re in for a real treat.


To complement your relaxed and maintained look after the summer, theLondonFacialCare has researched the best eye makeup trends this fall!

The trend for 2018 has completely turned the tables on subtle and gentle eye makeup allure that had been in fashion for the last couple of years. Instead, 2018 has implemented hardcore eye makeup looks, screaming boldness and confidence for the ladies!

Colors are not the things that matter most, as you can opt for light colors and still make a big statement. But the trend is exactly that, to make a BIG statement!

You can use your usual purple eyeshadow, but make sure to sweep it across the lids and all the way up to the eyebrows. The aim is to stand out from the crowd and create an intense and long lasting look!

Antonio Marras has also made it big with the cat-eye liner look, dramatically using dark shades of black and red. Complemented with a fresh skin and balmy lips, this is definitely a killer look!

Another makeup trend is having two complementary shadows, one on the upper lid and one on the lower. This trend has been widely applied at Peter Pilotto’s catwalks, offering a more fun and exotic look!

Liked our makeup tips for this month? Stay tuned for next month’s tips, on how to make your jawline slimmer and how to contour it properly!


Ermanno Scervino is really the star when it comes to the fashion world! His Spring collection for 2018 has brought back the glamorous femininity back on the stage in big style!

With the best standards of execution, their Spring collection kicked up a notch their hyper-feminine style. They were able to combine a modern attitude whilst keeping the look soigné, through the use of the theme of seduction, brought in unrelenting sensual lingerie!

Daring dresses with bias-cuts, draped with white satin or delicate florals were a prominence of this year’s style, coupled with their laced cascades on the décolletages!

Apart from the brilliantly executed femme-enfant look, they were able to carry on the look for more assertive occasions. Combining black lace and sharply cut tuxedos, they have played with the masculine-feminine style to cut across with a more provocative and erotic mood!

So what are you waiting for? Show your beautiful skin and femininity off with Ermanno Scervino’s Spring Collection!


With summer at our doorsteps, it is time to showcase our beautiful hair under the sun! So let’s get inspired by beautiful celebrities and the latest hair trend of 2018, which is the bob hairstyle trend!

If you do end up going for this audacious and stunning short look, make sure you don’t go half way and do it like Emma Stone! She looks amazing in her shapely bob. The shapely fringe and hoppy ends makes this a killer look!

Otherwise, if you’re feeling a little more retro, you can also opt for Katy Perry’s 50’s bob style! She completely pulls it off, making this a flirty fun look!

For a more minimalist look, Emma Roberts has the bob hairstyle on lock! The angular cut of the crop along with the weeping fringe gives the bob a more mature and professional look.

And how about an extra level of chic added to the equation? Alicia Vikander completely rocks the bob hairstyle by parting it on the centre, with subtle wavy curls effortlessly tumbling.

So don’t be scared of the short look! The bob hairstyle hasn’t trended this year for no reason! Dare to be different this summer and create some different but easy summer hairstyles!


You’ve worked hard on your body and skin-care all year ! Now it’s time for the show and find out what are the best swimsuits 2018!

We all want to show all our hard work at the beach in all glamour. It comes without saying that 2018 has spoiled us with choice in terms of swimsuits!

The hottest trends showcased at the Miami Swim Week include an array of options to fit all personalities!

To start off with, for women who want to stay away from the ordinary and the classics, the one- shoulder swimsuits are back in the game with a slightly different intake.

Larger shoulder pads in light faded pink colours are offering a cute and different alternative to the old classics. A more noticeable trend in summer clothes has also invaded the swimsuit world, and those are the pastel colours!

Pastel coloured bikinis are definitely in the 2018 trend, pushing through with the pastel-like yellow, turquoise and pink!

A continuing and always loved trend is the crocheted swimwear, which goes on par with women who want an increased effect of sexy! One of the most loved looks in Miami Swim Week included a crocheted tankini style top, with tassels around the bottom.

And speaking of tassels, swimsuits with tassels are the big show of summer 2018! For the fun and creative, this summer will offer various combinations of feathery, embellished and multi-layered tassels.

Lastly, a little shimmer and shine never hurt anybody! This is being reflected by cleverly developed swimsuit designs that are able to integrate gold and silver colours, without the tacky and spatial feel it usually comes with.

On the contrary, a combination of gold and silver lighting on triangle bikini tops proved to be quite the elegant and sophisticated look!

So get all your swimsuits ready for this summer, and enjoy a glamorous skin and a glamorous you in 2018!


February the 14th is the day to celebrate love, and that day would remain incomplete without perfect Valentine’s lips. Here are our advises for this very special day, which will make you irresistibly kissable for your spouse!

If you have not noticed yet, 2018 is the year to shine away with all the glitter and gloss you can find!

If it wasn’t enough to put that on our body’s during carnival or try get rid of it after our children’s sleepovers, the trend is now to put it all over our lips!

Our favourite artists, like Rihanna, are fully embracing this trend, and has even come out with her own version of glossy glitter in her make up collection! Try her Fenty Beauty gloss, its gorgeous!

For the real trick in the bag, copy famous make-up artists that are applying gloss and glitter over lipstick! Make sure to opt for a darker lipstick with lighter gloss and glitter, and highlight your cupid bow by being irresistible!

If you like being a little less out there and more classic, traditional red is not and has never come out of fashion! Less is more and you don’t need a full-blown makeover to handle a classic red, just wear it with confidence!

This Valentines, you and your lips are the star of the show!



If you’re all about trendy, you might have noticed that this season is all about the elegant use of sequin in any occasion, whether it be trousers or a fashionable dress!

The great inspirational designer of this trend are Michael Halpern! Halpern goes all out with his 1970’s sequin dresses with an added ‘bling’ to it, by embedding Swarovski elements to it as well as combining different textures such as snakeskin and bows to this fashion liveliness!

For a more calm and rosie look, Rocha has also made a fashion statement for this season, using more delicate tissues such as lace, silk and satin. For someone looking for a more refined and elegant look, Simone Rocha has released just the dress for you!


This Winter 2018, Gucci has come out with a fascinating jewellery collection inspired by mystic symbols! This mysterious and daring look has been recreated by Designers alike, such as Alberta Ferretti as well as Chanel and Dior! Reflecting on their use of symbols, talismans and mystical pearls, 2018’s jewellery trend promises a lot. So make sure your décolleté line is the star of the show, this winter 2018!


Show off your beautiful hands !

So, if you have been sniffing for the latest fashion trend, what we see is an increasingly popular way of wearing many rings on a hand on a single finger or even many different fingers.
This has come out from fashion trend makers like Gucci, Dior and Valentino, turning multiple rings fashion into a very feminine and sophisticated ring trend.
You can mix the lacey and more feminine look with a grunge and emo look to provide a cool contrast. Think skull rings mixed with flower and lighter combinations. Or even the other way around, with light and colourful rings added on soberer grungy looks!

Make sure to have a look around for these rings at shops like Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, Temperley London and Rimondi. They have collections to die for!

Giambattista Valli

“ Giambattista Valli, Mon coup de coeur

The coat to get ready and warm for winter !  

Shaken up the day and make it feel full of energy !

Which hair style for the summer?

Like every summer, the goal is to keep your hairstyle cool and chic, wherever you are! Let’s inspire the mind with the Cannes Festival stars and look at the latest hair trends to look our best this summer!

If you end up going for the short look, make sure you don’t go half way and do it like Cara Delevinge, who looks stunning in her new buzzcut. However, make sure it suits your face before opting for this look.

On the other hand, you can also opt for Lily Collins long hair style or Doutzen’s style as it gives her a slightly lighter and playful feel.

For an evening look, we can go a little more dramatic and copy Adrian Lima’s old school glamour style, where her slicked back hair looks lovely whilst walking along the beach side.

And how about sticking to the classic pony tail? Kendall Jenner looked stunning with her updo, which is sure to inspire the 2017 summer hair styles. The lower pony tail is trending lately, and add Elsa Hock’s surfer summer hair to it and we can create some different but easy summer hairstyles.

However, Hailey Baldwin’s tousled bob is on the bets to set the hairstyle of the summer! Stay tuned…

Let’s take a swim! Best holiday swimsuits of 2017!

As thoughts turn to summer and the promise of travel, it’s time to reconsider your holiday swimsuits. Let’s  adopt and interpret different styles presented by our beautiful stars and their beach wardrobe right now!

The top trends for the best swimsuits of the season are flirty tassels and sleek cut-outs that are not difficult to replicate straight away. Also, the floral glamour and retro feel are back, with nostalgic florals and gelato-hued bikinis!

But if retro styles are not for you, why not try the nautical stripes and rope detailing never date. And as for the sporty girls out there?  minimal one-pieces are back and with a very sexy attitude! They’re always guaranteed to turn those heads around!

Also, from a more bohemian and multicoloured crochet to ultra-white with a hint of Girl glamour, jungle prints and a sequin-embroidered disco look are back from the 80’s to give you that hippie and relaxed look.

So many inspirations for bikinis and flattering swimsuits are available for different moods and destinations and times of a day. Make sure to treat swimsuits as a wardrobe apart as this item is the real chameleon of the season !


I love the latest eyewear trends for spring/ summer 2017, from the oversized sunglasses to the round frames!

My favorite style for this season is …. Cat eye sunglasses! It will always be a top trend. We know this from history and it’s back again on the fashion runways for spring/summer 2017 from New York, Milan London, and Paris shows.

Appearing big and small, with half rims or full, in yellow or blue or black or white, the cat eyes are a top eyewear trend and there is no way to get rid of them. They are just too flattering. Everyone knows this.

If you want to stay in style, tortoise shell sunglasses will make sure you are in sync with the current eyewear trends. This fashionable pattern is available in so many different color palettes, so you will no doubt find the perfect pair to mix and match!

Beautiful skin, sensual lips and the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses are the best combinations for an elegant and sensational style this season! It’s time to go on an adventure to the Greek islands.


Karl Lagerfeld’s latest Chanel cruise collection 2018 brought Greece to Paris! What could possibly be better than this? Maybe presenting the collection in Greece… which is what Lagerfeld originally wanted but was refused by the country’s officials, but that’s okay!

Instead of showcasing the collection amongst the ancient ruins, Chanel spent a fortune creating its own. The set was inspired by the Parthenon and the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion. Completing this set took 50 craftspeople three weeks of construction and nine days of assembly.