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What is it about?

You have the choice  between: 

  • An  Online SKIN Analysis or
  • An Online FACIAL Analysis

A complete and precise assessment of patient needs through Dr Fern’s unique Expertise wherever you are.

At home, in the office, out and about, or abroad, TheLondonFacialCare online consultation with Dr Fern provides you with proactive expertise from your device.

How to get started

Why use online consultation?

use online facial consultation for skin analysis


With a busy life style and tight schedules, it is sometimes difficult to find the time to organise an appointment


Get your aesthetic online consultation wherever you are, saving you time without the stress of being late, stuck in the traffic jam. 


Assessing a face properly can’t be done in 15 minutes. Dr Fern gives you an hour online consultation to discuss in depth your concern in details, so you will not feel rushed.


Dr Fern is registered with the British Dental Council with more than 10 years in aesthetic none surgical procedures and is an expert in MD Codes

Online facial consultation with Dr Fern
booking online facial consultation from your devise


Registration is free, medical history and pictures are kept safely.


A none refundable £60 deposit is taken at time of booking for a SKIN online consultation assessment or a £90 for a FACIAL online consultation assessment. 
However, it is fully redeemable against treatment. A 48-hours cancellation policy is also applying.


  • Unlike any other
  • Full skin and facial analysis
  • Answer to all questions you may have
  • Presentation of possible treatment plan options
  • Knowledge upfront cost of procedures involved in the treatment plan
  • Fully informed before booking a procedure
Benefit of online skin analysis
mesotherapy treatment option after online skin consultation


  • There is no pressure on you to book or proceed with any treatment afterwards
  • Procedures can be booked after the online consultation.
  • Procedures will take place in South Kensington at Queen’s Gate Dental Practice
  • Booking appointment confirmation will be sent by email

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Treatments we can help you with


Wrinkle softening is a very safe and effective way of reversing the sign of ageing. Botox works by relaxing your facial muscles
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Obagi Skincare

The Obagi treatment systems is one of the most recognised and trustworthy medical skincare brands to treat common skin conditions such as sun damage, dull skin, fine lines, acne and pigmentation.
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Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers with MD code technique help to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance your features with the aim to deliver a natural-look .
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Thread Lift

Thread produce a tightening effect while also favouring natural collagen production and stimulates skin rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity and a brighter skin tone
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Profhilo is one of the newest anti-ageing techniques. A great alternative to dermal fillers.It combats tired looking skin and the loss of facial volume
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Obagi Skin Peels

The Obagi Skin Peels reduce sun damage, fine lines, acne scars, blemishes, uneven pigmentation. Skin look younger and healthier and your complexion will dramatically improve .
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Mesotherapy skin rejuvenation is an excellent way to achieve the subtle beauty preservation as well as being the secret for giving natural, beautiful, glowing skin.
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Plasmage is a great and efficient alternative to eyelid surgery. Plasma is at the forefront of medical technology and allow to eliminate skin degeneration and drooping eyelids.
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Get your confidence back

“I have know Dr Fern now for a long time. I go to Dr Fern for Botox to smooth my lines on the forehead and on the side of my eyes. She also does my lips as I love voluptuous lips ! I visit regularly to have my lips topped up – they always look so natural. I was a bit scared at first but in fact the cannula is safer than using a needle and also results in no bruising. I can get back to life straight away! “

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Dr Fern is also practicing in London in South Kensington . If you feel more confident for a face to face consultation, you can also call the practice on 020 7373 6899 to book an appointment.

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