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Viscoderm Hydrobooster |TheLondonFacialCare

You know and like Profhilo, you will love Viscoderm Hydrobooster !                                           

The low gel stiffness and viscosity and high deformability guarantee optimal tissue integration.

You will benefit from deep hydration, improved elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin. Superficial wrinkles will also be stretched and diminished.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster would be perfect for anyone who is looking for an anti ageing treatment. If you have wrinkles, loose, or sagging skin, a complexion that is lacking tightness and a youthful glow, then Hydrobooster is the perfect treatment for you.

Its use in different levels of the dermis, up to the most superficial layers. For this reason, Viscoderm® Hydrobooster is particularly effective on the dynamic areas of the face: perioral, periocular and forehead

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Surface Ageing Trigger Points |TheLondonFacialCare

Over the last 200 years in the UK, life expectancy doubled and is almost reaching 90 years.

It is not life that science, techniques have prolonged, it is old age. The real wonder would be to keep us until death’s door in the state and the appearance of an adult of 30 or 40 years, fresh and ready, to settle us forever in the age of our choice. In our days age is tolerable only if you remain decent in body and mind.

There is new approach in aesthetic to start making this dream becoming a reality.

As we monitor our health with regular check up to our GP, we should be able to do the same and monitor state of our appearance time to time visiting our aesthetic practitioner and act upon it at the correct time if we want to delay ageing process. 

Complementary to the MD codes techniques to inject dermal fillers,  Dr Mauricio de Maio has developed a new concept based on aesthetic indicators that if corrected at an early stage may provide optimal conditions for physical appearance.

Those aesthetic indicators are called Surface Ageing Trigger Points (SATP). There are 16 facial SATP.

Sooner you monitor your Surface Ageing Trigger Points (SATP) and start correcting a structural deficiency or deficiency due to ageing process, easier it will be to keep yourself with a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

More you wait, more issues become complex to treat and more SATP are involved. It takes more fillers and time to correct, sometime with limitation and it becomes more costly.

For the past ten years, Dr Fern has been attending Dr Mauricio De Maio conferences and workshops and became an expert in MD Codes and Surface Ageing Trigger Points.

Find out for yourself the state of your Surface Ageing Trigger Points and discover what needs to be done to keep a fresh and desirable look!

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What is mesotherapy and how can it improve the face appearance and skin quality?

Men and women in nowadays should look minimum 10 years younger with the constant progress in advanced technology and techniques available such as Botox, fillers, mesotherapy treatments

Dreams can become a reality if you do what is necessary.

The sooner you start thinking about anti-ageing treatments, the quicker you do something about it, better will be the results on the long run.

Let’s find out about the best mesotherapy treatment for your face in London in  our March edition !

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What is mesotherapy, and how can it improve facial appearance and skin quality?

Men and women nowadays should look minimum ten years younger with the constant progress in advanced technology and techniques available such as Botox, fillers, mesotherapy treatments

Dreams can become a reality if you do what is necessary.

The sooner you start thinking about anti-age treatments for the face, and the quicker you act upon it, the better the results in the long run.

Let’s find out about the best mesotherapy for your face in London in our March edition!


You want to age gracefully and want a more natural pathway in your aesthetic journey, or you want to optimise results after your injectables such as Botox or Fillers.

Chose Platelet rich plasma treatment which is one of the best autologous therapy.

It can be used to rejuvenate your face reducing fine to moderate wrinkles, increase blood circulation under the eyes, reducing dark circles. It can also be used in other parts of the body: décolletage, back of the hands, arms, belly, and more.


Lip augmentation: Don’t let it be just a dream; Lip augmentation with lip fillers is an easy procedure; get ready for valentine’s !

As the years have gone by, have you felt as if your lips are losing their thickness and slowly starting to fade?

Do you fantasise about wearing your favourite shade of lipstick or gloss, knowing your lips look gorgeous and natural? Be at your best this Valentine’s day with a Lips boost! 

At TheLondonFacialCare, I am here to give you the look you have always wanted. I will work very closely with you, to give you the correct dermal fillers ensuring the best possible outcome. The procedure will be carried out smoothly with extra attention to having an even spread of filler helping to revitalise your lips shape and softness.

Book your consultation today with Dr Fern and bring your lips back to life and celebrate Valentine’s day the way you want to!

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Lip augmentation to achieve natural lips require sense of balance and precision to create harmony with the rest of the part of the face.

Our lips are the most sensual and attractive part of our bodies, making our face look irresistibly good if they are defined and pronounced in a natural manner!

The biggest challenge, however, is to achieve natural lips after lip augmentation. After the trend had picked up, lip augmentation is generally a fine line between fake and natural.

One can tell the difference between fake and natural when the upper lip is fuller than the lower lip. The lower lip should always be fuller than the upper or with a 1:1 ratio between upper and lower lip , otherwise you might have a permanent pout that screams ‘fake’ from miles away!


Botox in your twenties.

In our days with the impact of social media and the selfie culture, botox injection is one of the most popular aesthetic procedure even for the women in their 20’s.  Botox in your twenties is considered as a preventive procedure for early signs of ageing, such as crow’s feet and forehead lines. It avoids as well for those lines to get more in-depth with age. Those patients are well informed about procedures, and they know what they want precisely This month, The Dr Fern Mag is to explain how to combine Obagi, one of the best  skincare regimen with Botox and how Botox differs when  being injected to patients in their early 20’s

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Are you in your twenties? And are you thinking about preventive Botox?

With a fast-evolving society, standards of beauty and perfection have changed over time to become more rigorous and less tolerating of flaws and imperfections. Photos shopped images of celebrities that have the ‘perfect look’ are at the forefront of magazines, which has made the new generation of youngsters even keener to adopt a flawless look! Taboos around the best time to focus on using non-surgical treatments to improve our looks have stopped us from starting Botox at a young age.

But is it necessary to wait?


How Botox prevent and smooth existing wrinkles?

Facial wrinkles appear as the result of continuous contractions of the face muscles, which in time results in an aged appearance, filled with folds in the skin as well as a lack of smoothness in your look.

These wrinkles can appear in a range of areas and a variety of situations. You can produce sleep lines in your sleep; you can also develop wrinkles by frowning a lot, which will be seen in your forehead or frown lines as well as your crow’s feet.


Do Botox and fillers make you look older?

Nowadays, It is increasingly the case that our younger generation is exposed to beauty standards from magazines and celebrities, that promote the perfect ‘flawless’ look!

As a result, we quickly want the perfect lips, the perfect cheekbones, the perfect brows, the perfect everything!

As a practitioner, I have seen the effects of Botox and fillers used in large amounts at younger ages and can see that this does not have a ‘natural’ impacted look by the time we are forty.


What is the best tear trough filler for eye rejuvenation?

Teosyal Redensity II is one of the best tear through filler on the market. It is the safest and most effective dermal fillers products designed to treat the periorbital area and tear troughs.

It consists of a lightweight gel and requires a small amount of pressure for it to enter the tissue below the skin. It had been reformed to deal with the gentle skin in the eye circle area, helping to prevent bruising.

Teosyal Redensity II also is not as hydrophilic as other HA gels, resulting in little to no swelling after the injection.

Do you want to find out more about Teosyal Redensity II and whether it is right for you?

Stay tuned to this month’s edition of the Dr Fern Mag and book your consultation to get rid of your tired look!

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Obagi is one of the best skincare treatment for tired-looking eyes and dark circles.

Having Dark circles and wrinkles affects your overall look. These small setbacks are not signs of sicknesses. However, when people see this, they assume you are tired. In reality, Dark Circles and Wrinkles under the eye emerge as a result of ageing. Aside from this, these irritations can occur from different factors, such as stress, allergies, exposure to the sun, loss in collagen, and it can even be hereditary.

Are you looking for an everlasting resolution to this problem? Why not consider the Obagi NuDerm Blender, the Obagi Tretinoin, or the Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum?


Are you wondering about eye rejuvenation and tear trough filler? Do you always look tired all the time? Do you get your eight-hour sleep in but still get dark eye circles?

With our eye area being one of the most sensitive and fragile parts of our skin, it is one of the most prominent signs of ageing.

So if you have been looking for a solution with no avail, look no further! Our top-selling product, the Teosyal range, has one of the best tear trough filler to get rid of eye circles and recover a refreshed and natural look!


Botox remains the gold standard in wrinkle treatments. It is proven to be safe and successful. No need for anesthesia, nearly painless, short procedure, no downtime. The perfect lunchtime cosmetic procedure.

What are you waiting for to take care of yourself!

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Botox for men

Over the years, male patients are gaining significant interest in minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, especially botulinum toxin treatments ( Botox).

Why are men seeking Botox treatments to smooth their wrinkles?

Male patients are majorly aged between 35-60. Some want to boost their career, staying competitive on the market with the new generation coming up. Others are at a turning point in their life after a divorce and want to boost their confidence and improve their dating prospect or simply have the desire to maintain their appearance without going through surgical interventions.


None surgical face lift is one of the fastest-growing non surgical procedures in the aesthetic world.

As a patient, you are looking for an alternative from a surgical facelift with no need for a general anesthetic with an effective, immediate, and natural result, minimal downtime, and a long-lasting result.

As a practitioner, when administrating a thread lift,  we want blunt needles that can be manipulated easily through small puncture wounds that leave no scars under local safe anesthetic. We want the strong thread, reliable to use and something flexible with elasticity to allow natural patient’s face movement


A practitioner should not suggest a thread lift as an alternative to a surgical facelift. A thread lift is not a Facelift, and the patient could be disappointed if it is not clearly said upfront.

The fact Thread lift attracts patients is because it is a less invasive procedure than surgical procedure (45 minutes) with minimal downtime, rapid recovery, and an immediate visible result.

It is a fantastic temporary procedure to slow down ageing process. It is why it is essential to assess correctly the degree of skin laxity of a patient to offer the correct advice and treatment plan. Often Thread lift needs to be combined with other procedures such as filler injection and Botox to get the best outcome.

The ideal candidate for a thread facelift is someone who has mild sagging or loose skin. It could be as well patients with more severe sagging skin laxity as long as they understand the limitation of the procedure.


PLASMAGE treatment can restore your beautiful eyes and make you look rejuvenated without the need for a surgical blepharoplasty!

By using plasma energy, we are able to contract the skin and restore tightness around the eyes for the beautiful effect you want to regain!

We will also show you how complementary treatments to your PLASMAGE can leave you ready to rock your new look!

Stay tuned!

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