Beyond Botox - the future of anti-ageing

Beyond Botox - the future of anti-ageing

Beyond Botox - the future of anti-ageing

Beyond Botox – the future of anti-ageing

Where are we with anti-Ageing?
When we think about anti-ageing techniques, we quickly imagine sunscreens or face creams or even our diet.  Some might already know about procedures such as Mesotherapy, Botox, and PRP.

Beyond Botox, The “second skin.”
But the last years have seen science advance at unimaginable levels. The development of lab researches has landed us with items like ‘the second skin’ that can erase wrinkles for specific periods.

Sounds weird, right? Hold on; you will love this! This ‘second skin’ is a silicone-based polymer film, which was developed at MIT university in the USA, and that is said to cover wrinkles and eye bags for 24 hours. It makes the skin look smoother and firmer as if you have undergone a Mesotherapy session!

And if the ‘second skin’ didn’t sound appealing enough until now, have you thought of the impacts this represents in terms of medicine to treat wounds and illnesses? It provides an astonishing possibility for anti-ageing in both areas!

Beyond Botox, Genes that can be altered
Also, have you heard of genes that can be altered to erase genetic diseases? We will soon be able to live longer as a result of science. And what’s best? These discoveries have only reached the tip!

Beyond Botox, DNA genetically modified.
Another science miracle arriving at our doorsteps is DNA that is genetically modified. We will soon be able to edit the DNA of patients suffering from genetic conditions genetically, and by cutting out the bad parts of our DNA and replacing with other pieces of DNA, we will be able to live a longer and healthier life. Hence, by using this technique, we can directly impact how we age. It is truly amazing!

So, not only will we be able to revert the effects of ageing skin, but soon we will be able to prevent it altogether!

Beyond Botox, Anti-ageing Pills
And in 10 years from now, there will be such a thing called an anti-ageing pill that we can buy straight off the counter! From drinkable collagen ( Anti-Agin) to edible foodstuffs (Esthechoc), the future of anti-ageing seems more promising than ever!

In the meantime, however, why not turn to the various anti-ageing techniques that The London Facial Care has to offer? Book a consultation today, and you won’t be disappointed!

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