So you’ve come back from a holiday on the beach, and you’re ready to start work after a relaxing summer, but for some reason, your dark circles have not gone away?

Dark circles under eyes are widespread in both men and women, and often hard to get rid of. The causes of dark circles vary, but they are usually associated with ageing factors, as well as a genetic disposition to periorbital hyperpigmentation.

While fatigue seems to be most people’s assumption on why we have dark circles, this explanation falls short. Sometimes oversleeping or even staying a few hours past your usual bedtime can cause dark circles to appear. As sleep deprivation causes your skin to go dull and pale, it allows dark tissues and blood vessels to build beneath your skin.

Sleep deprivation also causes puffy eyelids, as fluid builds underneath your eyes. Consequently, your dark circles can also be shadows cast by your puffy eye lids.

Ageing is also the most common cause of dark circles. As we age, our skin becomes thinner, and we lose fat and collagen much easily. It makes it hard to maintain our skin’s elasticity, which becomes prone to dark blood vessels beneath the skin, causing the area below our eyes to darken.

Another neglected factor that causes dark circles is dehydration! By not drinking the right amount of water for your body, the skin underneath your eyes becomes sunken and dull. It is common as your underlying bone’s proximity to your facial skin is very close.

Finally, sun overexposure also causes dark circles by producing an excess in melanin in your body, which is the pigment that affects the colour of your skin. It is essential not to overexpose yourself to the sun, as the excess melanin will accentuate dark circles under the eye.

And how may you get rid of your dark circles, you ask? Each case is different, and each individual requires different treatments to solve dark circles. Whether it’s a loss in tissue fat under the eye, an eye uplifting, or just general maintenance, theLondonFacialCare has a treatment to suit all cases.

Stay tuned for this month’s Dr Fern Mag edition on our different treatments and call the practice to book an appointment with me! It would be a pleasure to welcome you and help you get rid of your dark circles!

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