Have you ever felt like your jawline is too wide? Or that your face was too round or squared?

Consider face slimming with Botox to reduce the strength of your masseter!

Our masseter muscles are facial muscles that are located at the sides of our jaws and are involved in aiding us to chew our food. Depending on several factors such as diet and genetics, our masseter muscles can be large compared to the proportion of our face.

It creates a very boxy and muscly appearance, often related to a more masculine look rather than a feminine one. Women can be very frustrated if they have larger masseter muscles, and this is when face slimming with Botox can be the right answer!

When Botox is injected in the target area, it will force the thick masseter muscles to relax and create a slimmer look for your face. Combined with other treatments, such as filler to improve the volume on the cheek area, it is a very effective treatment for a slimmer facial appearance.

The frequency of treatments will depend on each individual and their needs. When attempting to face slimming with Botox, it is essential to achieve a symmetrical and even look, as the masseter muscles are located at different far ends of the face.

The results of face slimming with Botox are not permanent but can last for several months, depending on your genetics and treatment plan.

The treatment is minimally invasive and includes very few targeted injection points. Many of my patients resume their daily activities right after application. Minor bruising and swelling are very rare, and the patient starts seeing results within the first two sessions.

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