Have you ever thought of getting chin fillers done? Have you researched Juvederm chin fillers before and after results and maybe you think that chin enhancement with fillers is right for you?

Let’s walk you through it with a step by step guide on everything you need to know about chin fillers!

Juvederm Chin fillers are a very popular treatment in TheLondonFacialCare clinic and our patients will usually consider chin fillers to look younger and more beautiful.

As we age, our chin keeps moving backwards. Our bones and soft tissue in the chin area dissolves, minimising our jawline definition and muscle support in that area. Interlinked are our jowls and neck, which are also affected with the sagging effect of our chin. Luckily, it is easy to solve concerns surrounding your chin with Juvederm fillers.

Whether it is a non-surgical chin reduction that you need, a filler in chin crease, or even a chin augmentation in London, you’ve come to the right place!


To understand more about your chin, it is a good start to have a better understanding on the importance of your profile. Some people are born with a concave or convex profile. This is usually less desired than a straight profile because it is less asymmetric to your face.

To give an example, one of the best profiles can be attributed to Angelina Jolie! Her straight profile is perfect because it is not too underdeveloped or overdeveloped, creating a perfect harmony and well-balanced face. Whereas the convex profile is usually associated with a weak jawline and a hooked nose, it is usually more desirable than the concave profile. Concave profiles are faced with a more robust chin, creating a disharmony with individual’s nose and forehead.

So if you weren’t born with the perfect profile, Juvederm fillers are here to create the perfect chin that will harmonize your face.


Shape and size of the chin are linked; a thoughtful analysis needs to be done prior to injecting filler to anticipate what will be the result before injecting to make sure the correct projection will be achieved.

The trends in our days is for woman is to have a slimmer face. Working with Juvederm fillers injected into the chin combined with filler injected into the cheek create the perfect balance to achieve the desirable result and transform for example a chubby little baby face on a more feminine face.

Also to improve the shape of your chin: Men and women do not have the same need regarding their idea of an ideal chin.

Some of my male patients complain about the size of their chin, wanting a wider, lengthier, or more angular , masculin chin. When women are looking for either a more pointy chin or a rounder chin.

Another common feature that my patients want to improve on is their recessive chin on their profile. Often fillers combined with orthodontic treatment to address the issue related to the discrepancy between the upper and lower teeth, help to get a chin looking stronger with a more projected aspect . That combine treatment help getting a more natural result injecting less fillers.

Depending on the assessment I will do and discuss with you and how this will harmonize your face, a great place to start could be Juverdem or if you just want to get rid of your double chin, check out our article on how to get rid of your double chin with KYBELLA!


My patients usually ask me ‘how much chin fillers do I need?’. The answer is that it depends on what the main concern is and how we will treat it in harmony with the rest of your face first.

I usually assess your face by taking pictures on you from different angles, as well as your profile. I then conduct a thorough analysis on your medical history and examine the most effective and suitable approaches that will complement your face, as each patient is unique and requires a different tailored approach. The goal is to make you look natural and avoid the frozen or ‘fake’ Hollywood look. Rather, my philosophy is to rejuvenate by keeping the element of elegance and naturality to the face. The result is subtle and my patients are more than happy with their results.

However, most patients use between 1ml to 2 ml for chin filling, depending on the treatment and result required. It can be the case that more than one session is required, and this will usually be explained to the patient prior to the beginning of the treatment. A review is conducted after a month of first seeing the patient, in which we will analyse the results achieved.


When injecting Juvederm chin fillers, I use a cannula for minimal pain and bruising to the patient. It works by making a small hole into the skin with a needle, where the cannula will go through for application of the product. This is used under local anesthetics, prior to the cannula being introduced to the skin. This technique greatly aids in the relief of pain during the injection, as patients are automatically experiencing less entry points (unlike direct needles).


Patients may experience some swelling and some redness, and their chin might have a sharper look to it. However, this may only last for a couple of days and the swelling will decrease gradually within that time. This will pave way to a more natural appearance in just 48 hours. The side effects are almost non-existent, as the procedure is of very low risk. Patients may experience temporary bruising, but pain is very minimal unless a very large dose is injected in the target area.


The costs of chin fillers vary because they are tailored to each patient’s needs, and therefore there is no correct price that can be given prior to a consultation. However, you can take a look at the variety of treatments we offer with dermal fillers on our treatments page, with the latest filler technologies we adopt at TheLondonFacialCare.

So don’t hesitate and book a consultation with us to get the profile of your dreams!

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