Dr Mauricio de Maio Testimonial | Dr Fern

Dr Mauricio de Maio Testimonial | Dr Fern

Dr Mauricio de Maio Testimonial | Dr Fern

I wrote this article about Dr Mauricio de Maio and published it in 2017.

I’m passionate about architecture and, as I say on my Instagram account when I want to define my blog: “Barriers are only in human eyes not in the Universe. Everything is all connected”.

I see connections in the way you can approach building architecture and face structure in the same way.

I wanted to share it again with you. Enjoy!

I had the privilege to follow the last Master class run by Dr Mauricio De Maio in March 2017 in London.

Without exaggeration, I would compare Mauricio de Maio to the genius Architect, Antoni Gaudi.

I remember my emotion the first time I went inside the cathedral of La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

Looking at the Cathedral from the outside, you may or may not like its baroque and particular style. But from the inside, we can all be unanimous to say how stunning it is by its natural, simple beauty and architectural concept.

How is it possible? How it is possible to achieve such a monument, so high and powerful, with such an aerial and light-weighted look without it falling?

Conducting some research, I understood Gaudi got his inspiration observing the nature and the structure of the trees (there is a scientific word for that now; we call it: biomimetic). Gaudi created a dizzying inverted model of the Sagrada Familia to test his designs. Each hanging string and weight represents an arch in the stone structure. As a magician, Gaudi combines in a unique way, shapes, material strength to balance forces and achieve this miraculous masterpiece.

Like Gaudi, Mauricio Di Maio is a magician in his way. His clever and stylish observation of the human face and muscle activity, combined with his experience, makes him understand the strength, balance, and interaction between muscles in our face. He knows how to play with the different viscous of our fillers to reduce the impact of a muscle while reinforcing the action of another in a delicate and precise manner to restore youth and beauty in a face while keeping its personality. Mauricio delivers the codes ( MD codes) to help us follow his path to achieve a natural and beautiful result, not only in a static position but as well in animation.

Mauricio ’s passion to share his knowledge with his colleagues, his constant research for a better outcome result, his curiosity, and his sense of perfection is unique and so inspirational!

Mauricio De Maio has created through the MD codes a new and true aesthetic language, easy to use between practitioners, to share in a much easier way our experiences with our patients.

Thank you, Mauricio, for this Masterclass, thank you for this beautiful gift!

I can’t wait for your next Master Class next year!

Dr Fern Jean-Joseph

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