Blepharoplasmage for eye lift is the perfect alternative for those who do not want to think about surgery and prolonged recovery time.

Have you started losing peripheral vision caused by the laxity of the upper-eyelid skin draping over your eyelashes?

Do you feel the outer and the upper portions of the field of your vision are affected and cause you some difficulty in driving or reading a book?

If aesthetically, you can’t stand your droopy or baggy eyes anymore, Blepharoplasmage for eye lift is then the perfect answer for you.

You do not have to wait until for any of these extreme situations to feel concerned as Plasmage performs best in mild cases.

If you notice you look tired, and your skin on your upper eyelid starts to be loose, it is the best time to do something about it to restore the fresh look you used to have.

The best way to find out if you are concerned is by trying one of the most important tests to evaluate your skin laxity. It is called the snap-back test.

This test is performed by pulling the lower or upper eyelid away from the eye and assessing how quickly and easily the eyelid returns to its normal position.

For the lower eyelid, if you need to blink for the eyelid to return to its original position, then the laxity of the lower eyelid is confirmed. And if you can pull the lower eyelid from the globe more than 5mm, this is another way to indicate that lower eyelid laxity is present.

The sooner you decide to do something about it, the better your chance will be to keep a fresh open eye with a youthful expression.

What is Plasmage?

Plasma is described as a “liquified gas” . Plasmage is a medical tool that uses the fourth state of matter: plasma (ionised air).Plasma treatments do not require any cutting of the skin and are much quicker than surgery, and no general anesthesia is needed.

When approaching the device to the skin, it ionises the gases present in the air by generating a small voltaic arc (like lightning during a storm), because a potential difference is created between the zone to treat on the skin and the distal part of the instrument. It allows the plasma to form and cause evaporation, which will target the superficial layer of the skin, without touching the underlying tissues and without getting too deep.

Plasmage device uses fractional plasma energy, which allows patients to be treated quickly with the advantage of having less downtime than surgery as well as being less aggressive than other plasma-based devices. The procedure is performed by small spots and spaced to allow the proper movement and plasticity of the eyelids at the end of the session.

Each spot sublimates the outermost epidermal layer without involving the basal (more in-depth) layer, without bleeding and without causing burns to the surrounding and underlying tissues.

A simple anesthesia topical cream is enough to numb the pain.

It is a great and efficient alternative to eyelid surgery. Plasma is at the forefront of medical technology and will allow me to eliminate skin degeneration and drooping eyelids my patients may have. The skin will be sublimated, creating a localised retraction and precise relaxation to give you a rejuvenated look!

How many sessions do I need?

PLASMAGE medical blepharoplasty is a technique for performing an eyelid lift in 1 to 3 sessions in practice, without pain, and without going through surgery. However, this will depend on every individual patient and will be decided after the initial consultation. The shooting sequences, according to an adapted protocol will allow a good micro-carbonisation in the context of shortening or an extension of the superficial tissues without exceeding the basal (deeper) one.

Each treatment will last from 30 to 60 minutes in practice, with before and after photographs taken of the area being treated. Initial results will usually be seen on the patient after seven days of the first session in the practice. However, continuous results will show up to 3 months of the PLASMAGE treatment! The final results usually last for up to 2 years on the patient, who will often come back for complementary therapies to maintain their results.

While some patients experience minor discomfort and scabbing in the first days of the treatment, most patients carry on with their daily routines following the procedure. Follow-up appointments are usually required to check the progress on each patient, making sure they achieve the desired results!

Want to know if PLASMAGE is the right treatment for you? Then don’t hesitate and call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me! Freshen up your look with Plasma Treatment!

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