MD Codes | Advanced Dermal Fillers | Juvederm

MD Codes | Advanced Dermal Fillers | Juvederm

MD Codes | Advanced Dermal Fillers | Juvederm

MD Codes™:

MD Codes™ is a method for administering injectable treatments like dermal fillers.

The concept was developed by Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio, and the “MD” in MD Codes™ stands for his initials.

The codes are essentially a series of predefined and precise sites in the face where fillers can be applied for optimal results. They provide a standardised approach to facial assessment and filler injection, helping to enhance safety, effectiveness, and consistency in aesthetic treatments.

With more than 10 years of experience in the aesthetic field, one person worthy of me following closely was Dr. Mauricio De Maio, the MD Codes founder.

For the past six years, I have been attending his conferences and workshops. One thing is for sure: I have learned from him what many people would take years to learn from other practitioners. He reinvented the use of MD Codes through his unique outlook and interpretation of the technique. He is a real star in the aesthetic world! So, first things are first:


MD Codes is a facial rejuvenation technique, that has transformed the way dermal fillers are injected. It is a step by step technique designed to elevate your face through non-surgical means by predefining injection points.

They are used to curb ageing factors such as sagginess in the face. From as early as your 20’s, you start losing volume in your face. Your facial bones get thinner, your ligaments get looser and the fat redistribution in your face becomes uneven.

This is where the injection of dermal fillers becomes of the utmost importance when regaining the contour lines that you once had. Dr Mauricio De Maio has developed a detailed code that precisely covers the most important aspects of injecting precisely on the face and where.

Juvederm MD Codes

Juvederm MD Codes is based on an emotional chart and it carries eight messages.

-four of which are considered downgrading features. The chart serves to guide practitioners into the patient’s physical anatomy of the face. The aspiration is to inject to move away from downgrading features: sagginess, anger, sadness, and tiredness

-the 4 others are positive ones to promote: attractiveness, youthfulness, more contoured facial shape, and the feminine look.

The FCR Approach

Not long ago, the rule of applying dermal fillers was very different. Whenever a practitioner saw a wrinkle or hollowness, they would inject in that target area to fix the issue. Now, the FCR approach (Foundation, Contour, and Refinement) is approved as the most efficient way to address the anti-ageing. Also part of the MD Codes concept, FCR has been used by Mauricio de Maio in his strategic and methodological approach when treating the face.

The FCR approach requires the foundation of the problem is resolved, before addressing the rest. What does this mean? It means that a patient may want a correction in the nasolabial fold or tear trough area. Instead of injecting there directly, the practitioner should ensure that the foundations of the face are correct, before injecting.

This means that MD Codes look at the source of the problems, rather than just targeting immediate areas of concern. MD Codes summarise some injection points for facial fillers that will directly address the cause of ageing problems in a more harmonious way.

The most amazing feature that MD Codes factors in its concept are the evaluation of dynamic facial expressions. Since our facial dynamics change as we age, this is factored in the visual process before injection. To maintain a natural and credible result that doesn’t look fake, MD Codes rejuvenates you whilst still keeping in mind that an element of natural aging must remain.

With 75 different MD Codes, the diverse injection points are proven to be beneficial for patients since they are targeting the source, as well as the issue. However, it is important to note that not everyone needs to have all of the MD Codes technique performed on them. Treatment is always adjusted towards the patient’s needs and desires, as well as their facial structure and facial dynamics

Facial dynamics are essential to be appreciated and understood when providing fillers injections or Botox injections.

Mauricio De Maio has as well introduced in the few past years a new biomechanics concept. This concept takes into account the synergy and antagonism of a group of muscles, making sure the placement of fillers will either increase or reduce muscle activity to achieve a facial lifting effect.

Failure to understand how we can modulate muscle movement with injectable fillers to address the loss of support or rebalance muscle activity to restore facial appearance can result in inappropriate and unnatural results.

What Products are the Best?

With different dermal fillers on the market, it is easy to think that any dermal filler will work under the MD Codes concept. Whereas this can be true in some instances, I prefer the use of the Allergan range of dermal fillers.

Being on the market for the last 25 years, as well as one of the best sellers, results are consistent and reliable. Through my personal experience with my patients, Allergan lasts longer and results in less swelling. My patients feel beautiful after the treatment and results last between 12 to 18 months, depending on the target area treated.

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