What is it about?

You are already registered and had already an online facial consultation with Dr Fern and would like booking online
consultation again :

  • To discuss your treatment options¬†
  • ¬†To have a follow up appointment after the procedure you had at the surgery
  • To reassess your skincare treatment.

Consultation is free of charge


To confirm your online consultation appointment time , please fill the form

What Next ?

Thank you for taking the time to fill this questionnaire form. All answers will be held in the strict confidentiality .
Please follow the next steps needed before your online consultation with Dr Fern.
Dr Fern is looking forward to meeting you again .

patient booking an online skin consultation

Step 1

You will receive an email confirming we received your request and pictures for a 30 minutes online consultation with Dr Fern

zoom video conferencing online skin consultation

Step 2

You will receive an email confirming your online consultation appointment with Dr Fern with Login details. We work with Zoom video conference platform, there is no need to have an account with them. You will just have to click on the link you will see in your email. Keep that email safe

online skin consultation with Dr Fern

Step 3

On the day of your online consultation, click on the link into your email and start your consultation with Dr Fern at the time of your appointment