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One of the first things people notice about us is our aesthetics, specially our hair!

With the years, hair has meant different things to society. Looking back, it once indicated social status as well as religious and social statements about people in society.

Hair is a conversation starter and is usually used as a pre-judgement factor on someone’s personality and attributes, depending on the amount of hair products you use or don’t use in your hair care routine. People also make pre-judgements on your health, wealth and sexual desirability depending on how your hair looks like.

For example, long and healthy hair which is smooth and silky is marketed on TV adverts, making hair and haircare an important factor that is linked to sexuality! On the other hand, crazy hair styles are often viewed as passing on a message of non-conformity or of a big personality (think Lady Gaga)!

So, giving the importance of our beautiful and fragile hair, this month’s focus will be all about how to get healthy hair to shine under the sun! We will mainly focus on treatments to help stop hair thinning, what is alopecia, how to deal with grey hair.

And finally, we will also get inspiration from our stars for the best hair style to wear this summer and chose from the catwalk the best swimsuits of the summer to look our best while walking along the beach! All this whilst showing off our beautiful and shiny hair!

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With summer at our doorsteps, there are increasingly high chances that we don’t take care of our hair the way we should. For that reason, make sure you follow these useful haircare tips on how to get them  healthy !

  1. Avoid the risks of Sun damage to your hair: 

It is important to wear a protection hat whilst under the sun, as too much sun can cause your hair to dry and create splits very easily. Blondes and people with grey hairs are also more vulnerable and that’s why you should also opt got hair care products with sunscreen in them!

Mesotherapy or PRP for healthy and shiny hair

How to get healthy hair is always a hard question to determine, once we have passed superficial attempts used from drugstore pharmacies. It is why I recommend Hair Mesotherapy as an effective hair regrowth treatment for people suffering from alopecia and hair loss.

Mesotherapy, a non-surgical technique, consists of microinjections in your target tissues to stimulate the mesoderm, which relieves a wide variety of symptoms and conditions. Mesotherapy brings around the hair follicle a broad range of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids, and co-enzymes for hair regrowth, so the hair follicle can grow and survive through correct blood circulation. The excess of DHT ( Dy dihydrotestosterone) is neutralised.

For a painless procedure, suitable analgesia is applied, depending on the area to be treated and the length of your hair. The use of the  U225 Mesogun allows the rapid placement of plasma precisely into the scalp while reducing the discomfort of the procedure significantly.

Can’t stand grey hairs? Here’s what to do!

No matter how old we are, there will be a point in our life in which grey hairs will start haunting us and our hair! For this reason, I have assembled a few tips to make sure you deal with this problem in a simple style!

  1. I spotted those two grey hair strands, and I’m freaking out?! Don’t worry; it is more than reasonable to have a few strands of them, which means it’s not a sign that there will be more. Therefore, you can simply cut them out carefully instead of plucking your hair, as this will damage and traumatise your hair follicle.
What is Alopecia and what can be done ?

Alopecia is a hair loss condition and is a terminology that refers to different forms of hair loss, both scarring, and non-scarring ones.

Alopecia areata is a non-scarring skin disease, as the hair follicle bulb is intact, and thus alopecia symptoms present abnormal pathophysiology where localized areas of hair loss are usually presented as patches.


Baldness Cause
Male baldness is not only due to age but multiple factors that are out of our control sometimes. It is usually characterised by hair decreasing from the lateral sides of the forehead and/or a thinning crown. These increase over time, and eventually, it can be too late to reverse these results. These are often referred to as the pattern of androgenic alopecia.

Hair loss solution with PRP
A hair loss remedy, Plasma therapy (PRP) can be useful in treating I-IV androgenic alopecia if there are still miniaturised hair follicles. This treatment won’t active, dormant follicles, but it has shown that up to 70% of patients do experience extra hair growth from active follicles.

Women are also among those that suffer from thinning hair, especially when they reach the age of 60. Loss patterns are usually different to men, although I have personally treated women with hair loss patterns more similar to men. Furthermore, female hair loss is more defused, and hence they do not have the same options for surgical transplant and medication. It is where PRP treatment kicks in, as it is a safe and effective alternate solution.

Stimulate hair growth with laser comb

It has never been easier or faster to use techniques for hair growth. It comes to place, especially with the LaserBand 82, that delivers therapeutic light energy directly to your hair follicles through 82 medical-grade lasers (No LEDs)! 

These unique combs are designed to incorporate patented hair parting teeth, which part your hair during thin hair treatment and allows optimal laser light delivery to your follicles. It, therefore, provides a highly useful and effective treatment for hair loss and thinning hair. The laser light penetrates soft tissue and increases the action of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

This portable device is convenient for home use or while traveling, while still being fast and effective in its use. The treatment takes as little as 90 seconds and should be used three days a week.


There is something so fascinating about our eyes.

They convey how we feel, how we think, and dive deep into our state of mind.  As William Shakespeare famously said, the eyes are the window to the soul!

However, it is easy to suffer from aesthetic conditions around our eyes and especially our lower eyelid lines. So, this month’s focus will be all about how to make our eyes beautiful and how to get clear, bright eyes through many tips, including Botox around the eyes.

We will be exploring some of the causes of puffy eyes and dark circles and how we can find simple solutions to take care of these. We will also travel to Dubai to find some inspiration on eyebrows and how to have a killer look! And finally, stay tuned for our tips on skin regimen to get the beautiful eyes that you deserve!

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One of the leading beauty tips for anti-ageing lies in the preservation of the periorbital region.

That is the most sensitive skin around your eyes that will show signs of ageing quicker than other areas. It is 1.5 millimeters thinner than the average thickness of the rest of your facial skin, making it more vulnerable to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

This is usually assisted by the fact that we have fewer oil glands in the periorbital region that the rest of our face, creating a tired look and a thin, fragile skin. It is not a hopeless case, however, and we can prevent and remedy aesthetic eye issues.

By understanding the problems, we can find solutions to cater for every particular case. Solutions range from dermal fillers, mesotherapy, Botox to prevent crow’s feet, and even the best sunscreen to protect your face! So don’t be demotivated, we are in this together!

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What is mesotherapy, and how can it remedy moderate dark circles under your eyes?

First, it is essential to understand why we have dark circles under the eyes. This can be due to various reasons, such as; a bad diet, smoking, allergic reactions, irregular sleep cycle, or even genetic predisposition. Dark circles usually don’t reflect internal organ problems. Still, ligaments that hold the fatty tissue under our eyes start to show when fat tissue and bone in this area disappear progressively.  The appearance of bags and dark circles under our eyes can also be due to a bad circulation of the periorbital region, which can result in fluid retention and under-eye circles.


Suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes?

We’ve looked at the advantages of mesotherapy in correcting moderate dark circles, but what if the problem is deeper than mere pigmentation of the skin? Hollowness under the eyes can occur as we age, where blood vessels are visible when stretching the skin. The skin becomes prominent to enlarged capillaries, which is the result of reduced function of fibroblast, free radicals, and UV sun radiation.


Botox for crow’s feet has become an effective solution for softening wrinkles around the eyes. Still, it is a delicate area that needs to be approached carefully as not all patients are eligible for it.

The best time to use Botox for crow’s feet to solve wrinkles around the eyes is when wrinkles are still very thin so that the process can be as efficient as possible.

Injection Botox in this area needs to be done carefully to avoid touching other muscles of the face, which can sometimes cause sagging cheeks. Also, caution needs to be taken to make sure there is no change in the shape of the eyes after the injection has been done.

When wrinkles are more pronounced, I use a combination of Botox and derma fillers. I never inject Botox for around the eyes without addressing the forehead too. My 3 Botox areas focus on including the other muscles, which creates a better end result in synergy with a brow lift effect.

For more information about anti-ageing Botox treatments in west London, contact Dr. Fern today.

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Have you ever considered an eyebrow lift with Botox? Nowadays, having the perfect shaped eyebrows has been an essential must for women. It is hard, however, to achieve that balance naturally, which is why I recommend a Botox treatment!

Some muscles depress the brow, and muscles that lift the brow. By using Botox, we can reduce muscle activity from the muscles that depress the brow and manage to give it a slight elevation. Each individual requires different assessments to make sure the lift complements the rest of their face, which I will carefully assess during a facial consultation.

The consultation is required to conduct a detailed understanding of what the patient needs. Once this is done, I will carefully apply Botox in the muscles that depress the brow, which causes it to relax and lift its position. It is an excellent non-surgical brow lift option. However, there are limits on how much brow can be raised.

I can shape your brows in different ways, too, depending on whether you want a raised arched brow, a raised horizontal brow, or even raising the tail of the brow. We can also consider adding fillers alongside Botox, as they can provide an excellent end result.

So why not book today an appointment with Dr. Fern to find out what is suitable for you?

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Self-confidence is all about feeling good about yourself! To feel good, it is essential to know that you look good.

In modern-day, there are so many options to make yourself look ten years younger. It is easier to make this dream a reality with the amount of advanced technology and techniques (such as Botox, fillers, mesotherapy treatments) available.

The sooner you start thinking about anti-ageing treatments for the face and start doing it, the better will be the results in the long run.

Fresh and plump skin, looking younger, safely protected from the sun with gorgeous, sensual and natural lips! Our goal this month is to get ready for a dreamy summer cruise in Greece!

Enjoy a special offer to feel good with mesotherapy in London with TheLondonFacialCare.

To find out more about mesotherapy, you can read about it in this article.

This month, we will also find out how we can expand our optical wardrobe and pick the perfect trendy sunglasses to help us look fashionable and unique!

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A regular skin regimen is the first step towards maintaining a healthy skin tone and prevent wrinkles. Now, what is the correct skincare regime? Do I have to spend a lot of money to get a cream that works? Which one is the best? Here is my skincare advice:

Exfoliate your skin

The correct skincare should include exfoliation once a week and use of serum on an everyday basis. The most expensive creams are not always the best creams. The molecules in most of the creams that are on the market are too big to pass the skin barrier.

Use products that will penetrate the skin layer

I like and highly recommend the Agera range product. AGERA® Rx is the first skincare range in the world to use tiny bio emulsion particles to encapsulate its powerful anti-ageing ingredients and deliver them deep within the skin (see diagrams). These minuscule particles penetrate the skin’s outer layer to ensure minimum irritation and maximum results.


Mesotherapy treatment to improve skin quality involves multiple microinjections of a vitamin & hyaluronic acid cocktail under the skin’s surface. It stimulates collagen production and improves the elasticity, pigmentation, and skin’s texture.

It replaces the essential vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid that is lost with lifestyle factors and ageing

I often recommend mesotherapy treatment for those who wish to improve their skin quality and skin’s radiance, firmness, and vitality.

It is an excellent way to achieve the subtle beauty preservation for which we all strive.

It is the secret for giving a natural, beautiful, glowing skin.

Meso-gun therapy is usually carried out as a course of treatments, usually about a month apart. The number of procedures required can vary from 3 to more, depending on what is being treated.

Meso-gun therapy can also be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments to give improved skin quality results. It will be discussed with me at your consultation.

Patients love the results and attend for maintenance every 3-6 months to keep the skin refined and bright.

Indications for Meso-Gun therapy:

  • Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolletage, and back of hands.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Fine facial lines.
  • Thinning skin.
  • Thinning hair.
  • The improvement of the appearance of some scars.

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What is ‘Dracula Therapy’ (PRP)? How does it work?

‘Dracula Therapy’ or ‘Vampire Facelift Treatment’ involves re-injecting the platelets rich plasma (PRP) to help to rejuvenate your skin for a more radiant complexion and remove face wrinkles for a more youthful look.

The procedure will require me to draw a small amount of blood from your arm and then spin it in a centrifuge until the red blood cells separate from the platelets and plasma. I will then inject the platelet-rich plasma back into your troublesome areas to smooth and tighten your skin.

The Dracula treatment is different from fillers but also works in a way that helps you achieve a wrinkle-free complexion. It generates type 1 collagen, which will help to create more blood cells and help them function. It is what provides the skin with a filling effect that looks natural.

Why get Dracula treatment (PRP)?

People choose PRP because it is natural and autologous (obtained from the same individual), and you can also mix it in with other facial skincare treatments. You can mix it with hyaluronic acid and different types of procedures to have a long-lasting effect with the least side-effects.

  • The procedure should not take longer than 90 minutes with little to no downtime.
  • Duration of the results: 1-2 years (1-3 courses recommended from 1 month apart).
  • Results start to be visible within a few weeks.

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Most of my patients’ requests involve smoothing wrinkles with Botox, especially in the upper part of the face. I like to point out the importance of botox to my patients as well and other rejuvenation procedures in the mid-face, lower face, neck, and décolletage to avoid an unbalanced result. Meso Botox is a diluted botox concentration, and it is the perfect solution for a balanced and natural result on the entire face.

First, I inject little drops of the meso botox evenly across the lower part of the face. It relaxes the superficial layer of facial muscle, which is responsible for fine lines and wrinkles. This technique does exceptionally well on the lower cheek to avoid skin crinkling, and in the neck area on the platysma bands.

The skin becomes smoother, tighter, and it reduces the sebaceous activity – the “open” pores appear smaller and fewer in number.

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The Ultra V Lift is a skin tightening method based on the implantation of multiple Polydioxanone (PDO) mini threads, creating a vectorial network that acts as a support for the tissue. It produces a tightening effect while also enhancing natural collagen production. It stimulates skin rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity, and brighter skin. It improves the appearance of minor wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and loose skin and highly effective in both facial and body treatments.


Often my patients are asking me which foundation to use. Unless you use professional make-up artist cosmetics used in the film industry, the cosmetics you find at the drugstore don’t have nearly enough pigmentation nor a high enough standard of staying power as camouflage foundation. They are simply not designed for the same thing.

Lycogel is designed for patients with scars from plastic surgery who would want to hide signs of their procedures. Post-surgery skin is often red and inflamed, discolored and particularly sensitive to the sun and the elements. Lycogel was therefore very conscious of wanting to create a product that would help accelerate the healing process rather than blocking pores and aggravating the skin further.