Unparalleled Facial Skin PRP Treatment in London

Unparalleled Facial Skin PRP Treatment in London

Unparalleled Facial Skin PRP Treatment in London

PRP Treatment on Face & Skin

Platelet rich plasma, or PRP for short, has been used as a medical therapy by hospital doctors around the world to treat tendon and joint injuries like those caused by sport. Researchers have unveiled however that these same healing properties can have a significant impact on facial care and skin rejuvenation. We are excited to announce that we offer an advanced form of PRP treatment, delivered using the latest cutting-edge technology.

PRP Face: Before and After pictures

Researchers have even gone as far as scientifically studying patient’s faces before and after PRP treatment using a special device called a dermoscope, which looks closely at the skin. This up close lab controlled test showed that PRP used on the face is an effective treatment for improving and renewing youthful facial appearance.

PRP Face Rejuvenation & Benefits

One of the clear benefits of PRP versus other beauty treatments is that all the good ingredients come from your own body. For the doctors using the medicine, it means we are happier knowing the chance of an allergic reaction is non-existent.

The concentrated platelets release growth factors which encourage the growth of new skin cells and aid the body’s natural healing and repair processes. The more we stay with completely natural processes under the guiding hand of a skilled and experienced doctor, the better the results.

PRP Vampire Facelift

As PRP has gained popularity so has a number of slang names in the media. As your own blood products are used some media outlets have dubbed PRP the ‘vampire facial’. Others, like Kim Kardashian, called it the ‘PRP facelift’ after finding it much better than using botox or other treatments.

How many PRP Treatments are needed for the face?

The answer to this question really depends on the individual. In the majority of cases, a run of 3 PRP treatments on the face is recommended, 1 month apart each.

The effects of the three PRP treatments can be quite long lasting, so if it is your first time receiving the therapy you should wait to see the full effect before booking any more appointments.

PRP Face Treatment Side Effects

Fortunately there are no major side effects after PRP treatment. The overwhelming majority of patients experience some minor bruising or swelling immediately after the procedure. The skin is fully cleaned to minimise the chance of any skin irritation or infection.

Is PRP for Face painful?

When PRP first started being used for aesthetic and beauty treatments it was already an effective and relatively pain-free procedure. With the utilisation of only the newest PRP equipment we are happy to provide PRP treatments that are virtually pain free.

PRP Facial Post Care

On the day of your PRP treatment you may want to rest with a cool cloth or flannel over the areas that have been treated. Washing your face gently and not applying any strong perfumes or other harsh chemicals to the skin should mean that your recovery time is minimal.


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