PRP Under Eyes London

PRP Under Eyes London

PRP Under Eyes London

Platelet Rich Plasma Eye and Skin Treatment

Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of an innovative skin rejuvenation procedure – Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, focusing particularly on treatments in London.

Our focus will be on the use of PRP for treating the under-eye area, a breakthrough technique uplifting the territory of aesthetics.

This cutting-edge procedure leverages your own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, resulting in reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye shadows.

Gain a deeper insight into how this non-surgical treatment can transform the beauty industry, and learn about how The London Facial Care is one of the best places to get PRP Under Eyes treatment in London.

Why is PRP so popular for eye rejuvenation?

With the increasing preference for PRP Under Eyes London treatments, Platelet Rich Plasma has become a potent solution for facial rejuvenation specifically dedicated to treating the fragile skin surrounding the eyes.

This response isn’t shocking as PRP has been showing positive impacts on enhancing eyes and skin health.

In our modern environment, our eyes and skin are constantly exposed to air pollution, enduring stress, and due to busy schedules, we often compromise on sleep.

Having inadequate sleep coupled with stress, less than optimal diets and dehydration, can lead to eyes looking drained, compelling people to search for ways to revitalise their eyes. 

Bags under the eyes are easily noticeable, expressing that you’re tired or run down.

Occasional dark circles are typical, but for those having this issue almost every day, it makes sense to seek a better solution than relying on makeup and concealer. 

Though under-eye treatment usually begins with lifestyle changes, like a healthy diet, consuming plenty of water, ensuring a good night’s sleep and taking adequate rest from work, they still play an essential role in preserving a vibrant appearance. 

However, with age, some aspects like the natural degradation of collagen in the skin resulting in a shadowed and creased appearance, and the formation of bags under the eyes get hard to prevent. 

Additionally, varying skin tones can contribute to the look of darker tones around the eyes. Lighter skin tones might display a bluish tint due to the blood vessels underneath, or the darker skin might pigment more heavily around the eyes. Sometimes, these scenarios occur despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Allergies are another cause to note.

Those suffering from conditions like hay fever or pet allergy usually rub their eyes and sneeze or cough often. These physical responses cause the eyes to water and tiny blood vessels to burst under the skin, leading to puffy eyes and a darker skin tone around the eyes.

PRP eyes before and after

See the results for yourself – PRP makes a significant difference.

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Platelet Rich Plasma: Your Guide to PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma: Your Guide to PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma: Your Guide to PRP Treatments

The beauty of Platelet Rich Plasma eye and skin treatment is that it can be tailored to your unique desired look.

You might find value in having multiple PRP treatments. Notably, most PRP benefits are noticeable a week following your first injection, with continuing improvements for up to a year after your last session.

    Many studies have delved into finding the optimal number of injections and frequency for PRP treatments. While we’re still discovering all the wonderful perks of PRP, having an injection every month seems to be the most effective approach initially. 

    After completing three injections, it’s wise to pause and assess how well the treatment is working. Many patients experiencing excellent results from PRP eye treatments opt to return for refresher sessions approximately every six to twelve months.

PRP for eye Wrinkles

Injections of platelet rich plasma can go along way in repairing the skin around the eyes. Not only do they speed up blood vessel growth, they strengthen collagen and skin to give the skin a more full and youthful appearance.

The new blood vessels bring oxygen and nutrients to the tired skin and flush away toxins too. Any puffiness or loose skin is tightened and excess fat cells begin to be metabolised away.

PRP under eyes: how long does it last ?

Depending on your desired look, you may benefit from multiple PRP treatments.

Researchers and doctors have found that PRP benefits are seen one week after the first injection and improvements continue for 6-12 months after the final treatment.

Several studies have looked at the best amount of injections to have and how often. We are still uncovering all the benefits of PRP but 1 injection every 4 weeks seems to be the best in the first instance.

After 3 injections it is best to wait and see how long the treatment works for you.

Most patients who find great results from PRP eye treatments choose to return for top ups around every 6 to 12 months.

PRP under eyes: Side effects

Fortunately there are few to no side effects on the fine skin surrounding the eyes. As PRP is an injected medicine there are unavoidable points where a small needle is used to introduce the treatment into the skin.

This can cause a small amount of swelling and tenderness that can be helped with a cool cloth or flannel. Just make sure not to put any strong lotions or thick makeup around the eyes immediately after treatment.

By letting the skin breathe you are giving it the best chance of recovering from the treatment quickly and letting the benefits shine through.

PRP under eyes downtime

Under eye treatment is minimally invasive, meaning as little disturbance to you and your skin as possible. Aside from the points mentioned, PRP treatment under eyes requires little downtime, you should be free to return to work 24-48 hours after treatment.

Make sure to care for your newly treated skin properly, wash it gently and avoid exposure to strong sunlight or sun beds. Keep your skin happy and the treatment will get to work rejuvenating and revitalising your skin.

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FQA on PRP and Eye Rejuvenation

FQA on PRP and Eye Rejuvenation

FQA on PRP and Eye Rejuvenation

Thankfully, it’s common to experience few to no side effects with the PRP treatment – specifically when focussing on the delicate skin under your eyes.

This platelet rich plasma therapy utilised in London is an injected treatment, so there are specific unavoidable points where a small needle introduces the treatment into your skin.

This procedure may cause a bit of swelling or tenderness that you can easily relieve with a cool cloth. It’s important not to apply strong lotions or thick makeup around your eyes right after the eye and skin treatment.

Letting your skin breathe gives it the best opportunity to recover from PRP under eyes treatment quickly, allowing the benefits of eye rejuvenation to truly shine through.

PRP treatment under eyes is simple and minimally invasive, meaning there will be as little disturbance to you and your skin as possible. The side effects mentioned are generally minor, and PRP under eyes requires very little downtime.

In most cases, you’re free to return to work within 24-48 hours after treatment in our London clinic.

In taking care of your newly treated skin, make sure to wash it gently and avoid exposure to strong sunlight or sun beds.

By keeping your skin content, the platelet rich plasma treatment gets to work rejuvenating and revitalising your skin, capturing the full essence of this pioneering eye and skin treatment.

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Latest Advances in PRP: From Hair Restoration to Eye Rejuvenation

Latest Advances in PRP: From Hair Restoration to Eye Rejuvenation

Latest Advances in PRP: From Hair Restoration to Eye Rejuvenation

Revolutionising the world of beauty and skincare, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has made some remarkable strides, especially in recent years.

Whether it’s the promising results of hair restoration or the enhanced vibrancy brought about by eye rejuvenation, PRP therapy’s slide into the mainstream cannot be denied.

The technique of drawing patients’ blood, processing it to extract the PRP, and then injecting it back into the skin has piqued the interest of both medical experts and those seeking facial rejuvenation.

The power of PRP, a concentrated source of platelets, resides in the rich growth factors they carry. These growth factors stimulate the body’s cellular regeneration process.

When injected scalps result in abundant hair growth. This same technique is increasingly being used for eye rejuvenation, delivering surprisingly refreshing results under the eyes. PRP therapy’s minimally invasive nature and natural approach make it quite attractive to patients searching for effective treatments.

Over the years, London clinics have witnessed a surge in requests for PRP treatments, both for hair and eyes. It seems patients find the alluring promise of a youthful, revived facial glow hard to resist, coupled with fuller, healthier hair.

These twin applications also point to PRP therapy’s versatility in treating a range of cosmetic concerns. While results do vary from patient to patient, the general feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Multiple sessions often lead to sustained and noticeable results.

Thanks to PRP, hair thinning has been tossed to the dustbin of history, and dark circles under eyes are becoming less of a concern.

All in all, the latest advances in PRP treatments have further solidified their position within the beauty industry, making every facial treatment a radiating success.

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Busting Myths: The Truth about PRP for Skin Treatments

Busting Myths: The Truth about PRP for Skin Treatments

Busting Myths: The Truth about PRP for Skin Treatments

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, and its potential as a skin treatment. That’s why we’re here to bust the myths and uncover the truth.

For starters, did you know that PRP can be an excellent treatment for addressing fine lines and wrinkles in sensitive areas like under the eyes?

Yup, that’s right.

Plus, this plasma will induce your under-eye area to create more collagen and blood, acting as a natural non-surgical solution to treating under-eye circles and bags.

It’s a rejuvenating process that increases blood vessel growth and strengthens collagen in the under-eye region, leading to healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

But, how does it work, you might ask? You see, PRP is a kind of autologous plasma (meaning derived from your own body) that’s concentrated with platelets.

These platelets are rich in growth factors and proteins that stimulate healing and regeneration in our bodies.

So, when injected into the skin, say, in the under-eye area, they can spur healthy tissue growth, reducing sagging skin and dark under-eye circles. The treatment also helps to tighten loose skin around the eyes, giving you a refreshed, revitalised appearance.

PRP skin treatments have been gaining popularity for their effectiveness, versatility, and natural approach. Whether you’re struggling with fine lines, wrinkles, or dark under-eye shadows, these treatments might just be what you need.

Remember, every treatment is unique to the individual, and results may vary. Your health care provider can provide more insight into what would work best for you.

So, let’s bust those myths, shall we?

PRP, in the hands of the right professionals, can bring about remarkable improvements in the way your skin looks and feels.

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