A professional facial analysis even more accessible than before through a virtual online consultation. 

What is it about?

An online facial consultation for which purpose?

  • You want to find out the aesthetic procedure you need to restore youth and freshness on your face or
  • you would like to know more about a specific none surgical procedure before to commit .
  • You want to improve your appearance while staying natural and would like to know how? 

This online facial consultation is for you!

Time is changing. 2020 has propelled us into a new normal where our everyday interactions are made possible through technology;  Zoom, Skype etc.

Your Initial online facial consultation can be enjoyed with your physician wherever you are with the same level of quality than if you were having it at the practice. 

Dr Fern has made it possible for her patients.

About Dr Fern

consultation with Dr Fern

Dr Fern Jean-Joseph is graduated from the University of Paris. She is committed to excellence in everything she does and has over 20 years experience in Orthodontics, gained in both French and UK clinics and over a decade practicing advance non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques.

Dr Fern is an expert in MD codes technique, where filler is injected in a series of key areas across the face to elevate, rejuvenate and enhance, delivering a much improved yet still natural result.

Dr Fern’s experience in both the field of orthodontics and facial rejuvenation allows her to have a complete and precise approach when assessing a patient’s needs. It is through Dr Fern’s unique aesthetic analysis, that she is able to restore natural balance and harmony to a patient’s profile.

A new approach

Over the last 200 years in the UK, life expectancy doubled and is almost reaching 90 years.

It is not life that science, techniques have prolonged, it is old age. The real wonder would be to keep us until death’s door in the state and the appearance of an adult of 30 or 40 years, fresh and ready, to settle us forever in the age of our choice. In our days age is tolerable only if you remain decent in body and mind.

There is new approach in aesthetic to start making this dream becoming a reality.

Complementary to the MDcodes techniques to inject filler,  Dr De Maio has developed a new concept based on aesthetic indicators that if corrected at an early stage may provide optimal conditions for physical appearance.

Those aesthetic indicators are called Surface Ageing Trigger Points (SATP). There are 16 facial SATP.

Sooner you monitor your SATP and start correcting a deficiency due to ageing process, easier it is to keep yourself with a youthful appearance.

More you wait, more issues become complex to treat and more SATP are involved. It takes more filler and time to correct, sometime with limitation and it becomes more costly.

For the past ten years, Dr Fern has been attending Dr De Maio conferences and workshops and became an expert in MDCodes and in SATP.

So take the first step, book your online facial consultation today and find out for yourself the state of your SATP and discover what needs to be done to keep a fresh and desirable look!

What to Do ?

To get the best of your online facial consultation, please:

1- Fill precisely the personal and contact details form below

2- Pictures to send: Make sure they are on a dark background, pictures not blur  (If not; analysis will not be possible) Do not upload more than the 10 pictures requested:

  • Frontal view no smile
  • Frontal view smiling
  • Frontal view frowning 
  • Frontal view surprised expression
  • Frontal view kissing
  • Frontal view pouting
  • Profile view no smile
  • Profile view chin tilt down
  • Oblique view no smile     ( Make sure in that view part of the cheek on the other side is visible )
  • Oblique view chin tilt down


To confirm your online consultation appointment time , please fill the form

Make sure your pictures are on a dark background and not blur to allow a precise analysis/see as an example

What Next ?

Thank you for taking the time to fill this questionnaire form. All answers will be held in the strict confidentiality.
You are at the beginning of your aesthetic  journey.
Please follow the next steps needed before enjoying your online consultation with Dr Fern.
Dr Fern is looking forward to meeting you!

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Step 1

You will receive an email confirming we received your registration and pictures for an online consultation with Dr Fern

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Step 2

We will send you a confidential medical history form to fill and to send us back. It will allow you to get the best outcome of your online consultation and advises.

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Step 3

As soon as we receive back your medical form, we will confirm your appointment with Dr Fern and you will pay for the online consultation

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Step 4

You will receive an email confirmation of your online consultation appointment with Dr Fern with Login details. We work with Zoom video conference platform, there is no need to have an account with them. You will just have to click on the link you will see in your email. Keep that email safe

online skin consultation with Dr Fern

Step 5

On the day of your online consultation, click on the link into your email and start your consultation with Dr Fern at the time of your appointment

Thank you 

for signing up to the Online FACIAL Consultation with TheLondonFacialCare and Dr Fern.

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