Men and women with naturally high cheekbones are instantly thought of as more beautiful, with youthful faces and distinctive features. For women, big eyes and a thin jaw complete the look. Facial rejuvenation no longer focuses on just treating superficial signs of ageing (such as wrinkles). It is a tridimensional approach to achieve deep tissue regeneration. Dermal fillers with their different viscosities and the MD codes from Dr. Mauricio de Maio help us creating attractive high cheekbones.

Few people have high cheekbones naturally, so injectable fillers for cheeks are increasingly popular – both for older people who want to add lift to sunken cheeks, and young patients wishing to enhance their natural beauty.

Achieving gorgeous high cheekbones

Nowadays, people who want high cheekbones (or perhaps older patients who have sunken cheeks) do not have to go down the cosmetic surgery route. Rather than getting surgical implants, there are all different types of dermal fillers that can keep patients looking youthful! The important thing is to start addressing issues like sunken cheeks as soon as they become apparent, as this means that the ageing process can be slowed more efficiently.

Just like a patient might get Botox for smoothing out wrinkles and adding volume to their lips, I can inject fillers in cheeks to lift the face in all the right places, and create a gorgeous, contoured outline – with no surgical procedure in sight! For both men and women, I place viscous fillers in prominent points of the face to improve the contours, ensuring a good skeletal foundation, which, when combined with smooth skin, helps you look younger.

As with any type of facial rejuvenation treatment, I see everything as connected. Your face and your cheekbones are intricately entwined, and any slight change made to your cheeks influences lip position, the nasolabial folds ( around the nose), even the neck and décolletage. So, when I use different dermal filler types for cheekbone accentuation treatments, I don’t just look at the cheekbones: I work on treating and restoring balance to the face as a whole, shaping and lifting the angles of the face with subtle and delicacy. To bring youth in a face, projection, volume, contour, and continuity are essential. Also, in most cases, I use a combination of Botox, dermal fillers, and thread lift to create natural looks that my clients love!

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