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A PDO thread lift is fantastic temporary procedure for slow down the ageing process . It is important to properly assess the degree of skin laxity of every patient to offer the correct advise and treatment plan and get the most out of your non surgical facelift.

Non Surgical Facelift in london at our south kensington clinic

Our pdo thread lifts are a fantastic temporary procedure to slow down ageing process . This is why it is important to assess properly the degree of skin laxity of a patient to offer the correct advise and treatment plan. Often Thread lift need to be combined with other procedures such as filler injection and Botox to get the best outcome.

It’s important to note a thread lift is not a facelift and should not be suggested as an alternative to surgical facelift.

The ideal candidate for a pdo thread facelift is someone who has a mild sagging or loose skin. It could also be a patient with more severe sagging skin as long as the patient clearly understands the limitations of the procedure.

Many find it attractive that the Thread lift is a less invasive procedure than surgical procedure (45 minutes) with very little downtime , rapid recovery and an immediate visible result.

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FEEL THE DIFFERENCE With a PDO ThreadLift in London

A thread lift is the perfect procedure for women and men who don’t want the downtime of a real facelift surgery and want to keep a fresh look with a defined jawline.


A non surgical facelift is one of the fastest growing non surgical procedure in the aesthetic world. Thread lifts are designed to tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles. It is possible with the lastest thread generation of Aptos Threads and Spring Threads. They are less invasive than surgical procedures. Also there are no scars, threads are inserted through small puncture wounds which heal invisibly.

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Is a thread lift for me?

A thread lift is not only limited to lifting and adding volume to sagging cheeks but can treat different areas. We recommend an initial consultation to discuss treatment options and understand whether a pdo thread lift in London would be best performed in association with other procedures.

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With the non surgical aesthetic market doing its best to work on advanced new solutions to achieve our desired look, it’s easy to get lost in translation and to not understand what all that terminology means! We want to give you a comprehensive guide to understanding PDO threads and whether it’s the right option for you.

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