Periorbital region is very delicate. What are you doing to protect your skin around your eyes?

Skin protection is at the core of my anti-ageing strategy. A good SPF and antioxidant is a must for DNA repair through a combination of a retinoid and AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids). These two substances are the Holy Grail ingredients to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the periorbital region.

When ageing, there are multiple factors we need to consider when choosing the right products for our skincare. Our skin products need to include not only retinoic acid, retinol, and fruit acid, but also an anti-inflammatory agent. Ageing is an inflammatory process, and cells will not function if we cannot repair damaged DNA through these anti-inflammatory agents.

I use retinol as a hero and retinoic acid as a therapy to improve the periorbital region. Anti-ageing treatments require a thorough understanding of the products we use, as retinol alone will not work unless it is combined with an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant. This is why I recommend ZO Skin Health products. It uses both ingredients in their products, allowing patients to maximise their anti-ageing techniques.

I advise my patients to load their skin with antioxidants in the morning, and then do the same with a retinol at night as a preventative measure. As a therapy for the periorbital region, fruit acid helps the penetration of certain retinoids. Also, I suggest using ZO Medical Hydrafirm as a choice for the eye area, as it contains shea butter and caffeine. Retinol is useless in low concentrations as you have to go above the dosage of 0.3 for any effects to be seen.

However, too much retinol around the eyes can also have its downsides. Misusage can result in pigmentation under the eye, increasing its sensitivity and degrading its appearance.

It is recommended to use antioxidants under the eye and on the face, with three or four weeks to see a reduction in wrinkles and pigmentation. Dark circles have many origins: it is not the only pigmentation, it can be as well hollowness, or due to the blood vessels under the eyes. So when choosing a topical agent, bear that in mind!

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