Does PRP work for hair loss? Hair loss therapy and hair loss treatments are one of the most sought for treatments on the market, often misleading patients who really want to fix hair loss problems.

Patients tend to be disillusioned with hair growth treatments, as they have usually attempted some which haven’t worked or think that hereditary conditions determine the outcome of any possible treatment.

However, PRP treatment has proved to be effective on natural hair growth at surprising levels. PRP is used as hair loss prevention as well as hair loss treatment. But is it enough to solve the problem on its own?
PRP works by taking a small amount of blood, that is drawn from your arm and is spun in a centrifuge until your red blood cells separate from the platelets and plasma. Subsequently, the result is injected back into the areas of the scalp where it is most needed.

Not really! Patients get confused at the various PRP options on the market, and sometimes ignore the main distinguishing factors that aid to solve the problem in the first place. The efficacy and strength of PRP for hair regrowth treatments is as its best when conducted through the right protocols; A Cell, centrifuge settings and preparation kits. It is especially important to have well trained staff who have had the correct training.

At theLondonFaciaLCare, I use The Angel system to conduct hair regrowth PRP. It uses the 3-sensor technology (3ST) and one-button automation to prepare customised platelet-rich plasma (PRP) formulations. This system is able to deliver platelet concentrations up to 18x baseline by using the principle of flow cytometry to achieve precise separation of the cells. This will result into a complementary approach to combat and prevent hair loss and alopecia.

Also, I encourage PRP sessions as well as the intake of Vitamin Cocktails. Each case is designed differently, but with a tailored approach to each patient’s needs, we are able to maximise the hair loss prevention and treatment.

Furthermore, my general advice is to be patient with results and to maximise the effects of the treatment with a complementary diet and lifestyle accordingly. Patients that are already taking supplements and green tea 9 months prior to treatment will be in a more advantageous position when commencing treatment.

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