Obagi Clenziderm is the perfect product to use if you are suffering from acne and blackheads! Why? First, it’s essential to know about the other alternatives available when it comes to acne problems. Don’t you? Lucky you that we have you covered!

If you are considering a treatment for acne, then it is best to start with the difference between medications given orally and prescribed by a doctor, and acne treatments that are applied to the skin, such as a lotion, serum or cream.

When prescribed medications for acne, they are given to you after consulting a doctor, a dermatologist, or your primary care physician. These medications may include something that seems a bit out of the ordinary, such as a low dose of a contraceptive pill.

Alternatively, you can be prescribed an antibiotic or an oral form of retinoid. Tetracycline is the most commonly recommended antibiotic, and Accutane is the usually prescribed retinoid. Accutane is also known by its generic name, isotretinoin. Estrogen will help prevent certain blemishes in women, especially when they are linked to changes in hormones. Another substance that is commonly used is spironolactone, which is an anti-androgen. The idea behind androgen blockers is that they help reduce the accumulation of sebum in the pores, which usually results in blackheads and pimples.

Unfortunately, some people don’t react well to prescribed oral medication. It is feared that the widespread use of oral medication has led to the development of more resistant strains of acne bacteria. The other problem is the risk of severe side effects. Pregnant women should not use Accutane, for example, because of a chance of congenital malformations. There are also reports of possible links to suicide and depression.

And why are we mentioning all this? It is helpful to have all the facts in hand before taking any medicine, let alone those with severe side effects.

So what choices do you have to get rid of your acne?

There are many other forms of treatments out there, but I want to share with you the most effective and accessible treatment to treat acne, which has a limited risk of unwanted side effects!

A great on the counter treatment is the Obagi Clenziderm line of acne products. The Obagi therapeutic acne system has a 5% benzoyl peroxide formulation. It is very different than the one you could usually get from your GP in a sense than the Obagi clenziderm system treatment has been designed to work as well as a moisturizer to prevent skin from becoming dry, flaky and irritated. The hydrating ingredients keep as well complexion balanced to avoid excess oil production.

Obagi Clenziderm has a patented type of benzoyl peroxide (BPO). The size of the molecular of the Obagi BPO is 10000 less than the size of the generic BPO prescribed. It means that the Obagi BPO penetrates much deeper into the affected area, targeting the bacteria that creates pimples in a much more efficient way.

This ingredient also provides light exfoliation to remove debris and prevent clogged pores that prevent the skin from healing.

The Obagi Clenziderm line of acne products has earned an excellent reputation for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. It could take several weeks to get your skin defect free. A treatment plan should always be conducted by an experienced and qualified aesthetician.

My tip, I love to combine Blue peel radiance with Obagi clenziderm. I like to restore healthy skin with a clean baseline before a patient applies anything on his skin. To know more about it, do not hesitate to call the practice! My assistant will be more than happy to help you to book a consultation with me!

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