MD Codes to treat Nasolabial Folds

MD Codes to treat Nasolabial Folds

MD Codes to treat Nasolabial Folds

MD Codes to treat nasolabial folds are the perfect way to create a natural and balanced look, to combat anti-ageing. But not all practitioners approach it as the first point of technique. Let’s explore this option!

In the aesthetic industry, some still use outdated techniques to fix the so-called ‘smile lines’ or ‘laugh lines’, as some would call it. Outdated techniques focus on injecting directly into the target area, which creates an unnatural appearance of the face in its overall look. There is a lack of consideration of the entire face when applying it directly into the target area, as each patient’s anatomy is different and requires a different approach to target the cause of their lines.

By using MD Codes, a more anatomical approach is taken and a tailored treatment is developed according to the patient’s desires and concerns. After analysing the patient’s face, a clear strategy can be formed through the MD Codes technique. It will cater to a more advanced technique, where the injectable skills can help with the real causes of ageing.


Why would you need a nasolabial fold correction? You have clear lines that run from each side of the nose corners to the mouth, that make your face have a tired expression. This can create a saddened expression, which is why a nasolabial fold correction can be very useful.


Nasolabial folds become more apparent due to various reasons. These include sun exposure, loss of collagen, and natural ageing, amongst others. This causes wrinkles and makes your skin look weak and thin. More precisely, your skin starts sagging down from the cheekbone and becomes deeper with time.


Before the treatment, my patients come for facial analysis and we have a conversation about their concerns and expectations of the treatment. I then proceed to take pictures of my patient’s faces and gather a compilation of their facial features, expressions, and appearance. This will be useful to create a personalised action plan for the treatment.

By creating a treatment plan for each individual, I will keep in mind to preserve their natural facial expressions whilst still addressing their areas of concern. Lastly, its important that patients are honest about previous medical histories so that we can eliminate any potential risks during treatment.


After the above consultation is conducted, I have a clear idea of what my patients need for their treatment. Based on my analysis of your facial and aging characteristics, I will be able to determine which filler is more appropriate for you as well as the quantity.

In general, a young patient will request fewer injection sites than a more mature patient. According to the treatment needed and decision made with my patient, I plan one or a few sessions to inject the fillers requested to achieve the desired result.

When the right amount of fillers is injected, that will regain volume in the right places of your face. The injections are conducted meticulously, to provide the most painless experience whilst applying the right amount. Patients usually regain contouring, as well as volume.

I will usually treat fine lines with hyaluronic acid when it comes to nasolabial folds. It could be the case that your lines are deeper, which is when I would adjust the volume at the cheekbones first.

Most importantly, I tell my patients to focus beyond the nasolabial fold. Most patients think that injecting directly into the nasolabial fold will fix the issue, but this often leaves a fake result where it is apparent that the patient has undergone some form of treatment. The secret is to look at your entire face and work together, assessing the best options we can achieve.


Once treatment has been performed, the result is immediate. After that, it will take about two weeks for the treatment to reach its true potential. The hyaluronic acid needs time to take effect within your skin. You will regain a youthful appearance and the results will appear natural and complement your face.

One more consultation will be needed to check that we have attained the right results and that is it! You’ll have beautiful results in which you’ll be able to enjoy for the next 2 years. The hyaluronic acid will break down gradually, which means you will have to repeat the treatment every 18 to 24 months.

I recommend not waiting until the result has completely disappeared, to ensure the preservation of your treatment. I can make sure that you come back more often for treatment to maintain your results, rather than remedy it all the time.

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