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How long does it take to get an appointment?

Appointment is usually available in a week time. Please make sure you send back medical history form and pictures requested as soon as possible to allow enough time for Dr Fern to study and prepare the facial analysis that she will present to you during your online consultation .
Although we will do our best to provide appointment as requested, we are unable to guarantee availability and will always give you alternative options.

How much notice I need to give if I want to cancel or rebook my appointment ?

To ensure we can provide the best service and there is not too much disturbance running the online consultation, we have a 48h cancellation and amendment policy before your appointment time.

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Can I send images, medical history or letters prior to start my online consultation ?

Sending relevant information such as medical history, notes, pictures etc. prior your appointment is important to get the best of the consultation.
Pictures are mandatory if you choose the Online Facial consultation for a full-face analysis. Sending pictures is optional for Online Skin Consultation.

My question was not fully answered

If you feel your question has not been answered fully during your online consultation, please send an email to:

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The Online Consultation hasn't started and I didn't received a call from Dr Fern

We do our best to make sure  Dr Fern will see you at the time allocated for your appointment. If for any reason you don’t hear from Dr Fern, please call the practice on 020 7373 6899.

What if the Video Online Consultation doesn't work?

There is many variables which  could explain why there is difficult to connect successfully. In rare cases, If  a video link is not working, we will try to connect with another one or if not possible, we will reschedule your appointment. So please make sure you provide a suitable contact number when you register.

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