I love my new lips, but what should I wear on them to make them look as beautiful as possible?

Do I go for a simple, understated gloss that subtly enhances their natural beauty, or do I paint them with a bold lip liner and colour to make them stand out? Questions like these are logical after receiving lip fillers.

I always advise my patients that, while your choice of lip colour is important, making the most of it, is also about taking care of the rest of your face. I could have the gorgeous lips in the world, but, if my skin were dry and covered in acne, they wouldn’t look as full and well-nourished! So, here is my advice about what to wear on your new lips.

Keep it clean

The look for 2017 is a clean, natural, and fresh face, with minimal makeup during the day (going for something more glamorous in the evening).

  • Less is more this year, and the most beautiful looks are those that focus on the natural beauty of healthy, radiant skin.
  • I advise my patients to achieve this through a healthy diet, made up of foods that contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as a good skincare routine to keep it well moisturised.
  • A gentle facial mesotherapy session once a month can also give your skin the essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid it needs for a radiant and glowing quality. There are many benefits of mesotherapy, such as rejuvenating the skin and promoting it to create elastin and collagen, which help to reduce the appearance of sagging, ageing, and wrinkles.

Clear or light-pink gloss

Plump, natural lips are the perfect complement to glowing, radiant skin this year, so, as well as treating your skin with regular mesotherapy sessions, I think a clear or light-pink gloss is an ideal option for showing off your new lips. Of course, if you want to go for a bolder look in the evening, then something a little darker or glittery could make your lips look stunning!

Natural brows

Complete the clean, effortless, and fresh look with subtle eyebrows, using light tones and staying true to the natural line of your brows. If you’re going out for the night, you might want to go a little darker, perhaps with light smoky eyes. These will shape your face beautifully and bring out your lips.
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