Botox for men, a simple solution for wrinkles

Over the years , male patients are gaining significant interest in minimally invasive, non surgical cosmetic procedures especially botulinum toxin treatments ( Botox).

Why are men seeking Botox treatments to smooth their wrinkles  ?

Male patients are majorly aged between 35-60 . Some want to boost their career, staying competitive on the market with the new generation coming up. Others are at turning point in their life after a divorce and want to boost their confidence and improve their dating prospect or simply have the  desire to maintain their appearance without going through surgical interventions.

They are also very busy with very little time, interested in quick and easy procedures which do not require anaesthesia and with almost no downtime. Botox is ideal to fulfil this kind of expectation.

Treatment goals are different when treating male patients compared to female patients. It is very important to have this in mind when planning a botox treatment.

Certain facial features are characteristics to the male attractiveness . It is important when considering  Botulinum Toxin to enhance those features without resulting in feminisation.

Characteristics of a masculin appearance are usually the presence of bulkier mid-face features and a squarer jawline.

Desirable features for some category of men are associated with a strong chin and even an over-projected lower lip. This is in contrast to women, where higher cheekbones and a chin slightly less prominent than the lower lip is more desirable.

Some other category of men present a more prominent forehead and supraorbital ridges. It gives the male eye a deeper look compared to females.

Those features give more character to a male face and it is important to maintain it while injecting Botulinum Toxin A without feminisation . When treating one area it is important as well to make sure to not upset the overall harmony of the face.

Where to inject Botox ?

The FDA has approved Botulinum toxin to treat the frown or glabellar lines, crow feet lines and forehead. Botulinum Toxin A is also used off label for other dynamic lines and for the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis.

In an ideal male face, eyebrow are horizontal and eyes are usually narrower and less open than females. When injecting botox it is important to maintain that feature and prevent excessive eyelid heaviness. It is important also not to uplift the eyebrow too much and not create a high arching of the lateral brow which will feminise the look.

A large eye arch combined with some upper lid skin excess is also a common feature in male face. This latter feature incurs an excessive contraction of the muscle from the forehead ( frontalis)  as a compensation mechanism to keep eyes opened. It induces development of wrinkles on the forehead much more earlier in men than in women. Injecting Botox needs to be done carefully to avoid any undesirable side effect and brow ptosis. Often combination of Botox and Filler injection or thread lift give the best result.

Muscles from the frown, glabellar lines need a higher dosage of botox compared to woman to make sure it is efficient and to relax the area . At the same time, my aim is to relax the static lines without freezing completely the treated area. Injecting the correct dosage is a challenge and when I treat for the first time a male patient, I like to see him for a check up 2-3 weeks later to see if any adjustment or more injection is required.

The crow feet wrinkles should also be treated without overcorrection to avoid  the risk of feminisation the male eye area by excessive opening and flatness

Treatment of the neck bands are increasingly popular even with male patients. It improves the lower part of the face yet will need a higher dose of  injection compared to women.

Reduction of the bilateral masseter ( muscle in the angle of the jaw) with Botox injection is not as requested from male patients as it is a more of a popular request from women who desire a slimmer face. However a square jawline is highly desirable feature and therefore is more requested by men.

Reduction of the bilateral masseter from a man perspective is more from a functional point of vue for patients suffering from bruxism.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), affects 3% of men, creating  embarrassment and significant  psychological distress with loss of confidence . Treatment is quickly performed and give nice result with a long lasting of 6 months. Done regularly it allows patients to get back to a normal life.

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