The Ultra V Lift is a skin tightening method based on the implantation of multiple Polydioxanone (PDO) mini threads, creating a vectorial network that acts as a support for the tissue. It produces a tightening effect while also enhancing natural collagen production. It stimulates skin rejuvenation, bringing vitality, elasticity, and a brighter skin. It improves the appearance of minor wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and loose skin and highly effective in both facial and body treatments.


PDO has been used in surgery and tissue engineering for over three decades. It’s used every day in hospitals as Polydioxanone sutures (PDS) for wound closure, and there little to no problems reported with allergic reactions or long-term complications.



What happens after I get a thread lift?

In comparison to other absorbable threads, PDO lasts the longest in the body. It takes about 130 – 180 days to be resorbed and replaced by fibrosis. The following indications would be:


(1) The formation of new blood cells


(2) Followed by the collagen regeneration


(3) Then the decomposition of the fat



Combining PDO with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (also known as ‘blood facial’ or ‘vampire facelift’) also gives neovascularization (formation of new blood cells) and collagen regeneration can further enhance the beautiful results.


Thread facelifts are available at your local general practice (GP) surgery as it only requires local anesthesia, so there is no need for hospitalization and a recovery period then you are free to get back to your daily routine (like putting on your makeup) immediately.


However, be aware that the Ultra V Lift is not a replacement for a facelift and will not provide the same results. During your consultation: I will assess your skin, evaluate your needs and then advise you on what would look the most natural (whether that is Ultra V Lift or Light Lift Aptos Threads!).


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