Male baldness is not only due to age but multiple factors than are out of our control sometimes. It is usually characterised by hair decreasing from the lateral sides of the forehead and/or a thinning crown. These increase over time and eventually it can be too late to reverse these results. These are often referred to as the pattern of androgenic alopecia.

A hair loss remedy, Plasma therapy (PRP) can be useful in treating I-IV androgenic alopecia if there are still miniaturised hair follicles. This treatment won’t active dormant follicles but it has shown that up to 70% of patients do experience extra hair growth from active follicles.

Women are also among those that suffer from thinning hair, especially when they reach the age of 60. Loss patterns are usually different to men, although I have personally treated women with hair loss patterns more similar to men. Furthermore, female hair loss is more defused and hence they do not have the same options for surgical transplant and medication. This is where PRP treatment kicks in, as it is a safe and effective alternate solution.

And what is so special about platelets? They are components of the blood clotting system, where they form clots that stems the flow of blood in case of injury and disturbance of blood vessels. However, there wonders don’t stop there. They are a biochemical storehouse of regulatory, signaling and growth-factor molecules that aid in the recovery of tissue as well! Which consequently is amazing for thin hair treatment.

Growth-factor molecules associated with platelets include the promotion of growth, collagen, differentiation and even specialised formation of the blood vessel. It also involves cell replication, skin formation can be a regulator of normal physiology in nearly every type of cell in the body. NGF is a hair growth stimulator and usually slows down apoptosis. However, NGFjp75NTR promotes apoptosis and stops hair growth. NGF acts as a stress mediator and can provide an understanding of the links between stress and hair-loss.

Treatment protocols vary widely and change according to the professional you seek help with. Treatments can last from a single session to five. Our current protocol is to provide three treatments, each two weeks apart.

The procedure consists of a blood sample being taken and processed with the  Angel system which is the only fully automated system that utilizes 3-sensor technology (3ST) and one-button automation to prepare customized platelet-rich plasma (PRP) formulations. The Angel system has the capability to deliver platelet concentrations up to 18x baseline with adjustable leukocyte concentrations. The Angel system achieve precise separation with reproducible results. Platelet-rich plasma may be mixed with extra Cell matrix prior to application to boost the effect.

PRP is prepared and then ready for immediate injection in to the thinning areas of the scalp. Your scalp is sensitive, especially in the temple area, so suitable analgesia is applied, depending on the area to be treated and the length of your hair. The U225 Meso gun is a welcome addition to allow rapid placement of plasma precisely into the scalp, whilst reducing the discomfort of the procedure significantly.

Side effects are very minimal. There is also minimum discomfort during the procedure, and only slight erythema and tenderness for twelve hours. At The London Facial Care, our patients experience a noticeable reduction in hair loss. Fine miniaturised hair starts to thicken and this is usually noticeable by three months since the first application. So patients find their hair easier to manage, thicker and in better condition. Patients are highly satisfied with the results and continue to have maintenance treatments every six months.

So why not consider PRP with us for a hair regrowth treatment? It is a safe and effective treatment for hair thinning and we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

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