Non surgical face lift is one of the fastest growing non surgical procedure in aesthetic world.

As a patient, you are looking for an alternative from surgical facelift with no need of a general anaesthetic with an effective, immediate and natural result , a minimal downtime  and a long lasting result .

As a practitioner , when administrating a thread lift,  we want blunt needles that can be manipulated easily  through small puncture wounds that leave no scars under local safe anaesthetic. We want strong thread, reliable to use and something flexible with elasticity to allow natural patient’s face movement

It is possible with the last Threads generation with Aptos Threads and Spring Threads. Thread lift are less invasive than surgical procedures. Also there is no scars, threads are inserted through small puncture wounds

Aptos threads are made of caprolac, a material which is completely eliminated  from the body in 360 days. L-lactic acid ( a component of the thread) provides an additional rejuvenating effect which activates a natural, revitalising process and slows down ageing processes. The bi-directional cones of the threads allow to achieve optimum tissue elevation and repositioning sagging soft tissues into a more vertical position for a younger look.

Spring threads are made of silicone that provide elasticity and flexibility and with polyester . Spring threads are perfectly biocompatible , safe and neutral and do not cause any side effects.The Spring Threads’s elasticity allows dynamic stabilisation of tissues . They adapt to muscle mobility and the result is a natural effect. They are  non dissolvable threads for an extremely long-lasting result of 3 years.

Initial consultation is essential to identify if patient is a good candidate for Thread lift. Thread lift is not a surgical face lift , so it is very important to discuss fully what will be the outcome of the procedure to manage properly patient’s expectation. During consultation I will go through the risks, benefits and treatment alternatives.

Depending age, skin quality, medical condition, fillers could be an alternative. However fillers in older patients have their limitation. Over use of fillers may result of unnatural contours and overfilled appearance. Most of the time , best result is achieve with combination of threads and fillers when repositioning  tissues and recreating  missing volumes are needed.

Thread lift are designed to tighten sagging skin, reduce wrinkles

It is important the thread do not disappear too soon to allow the collagenese to start and establish the formation of new collagen  before the threads are completely dissolved . This is why the lifting effect is more effective and last longer with the non dissolvable threads.

Also the quality of collagen produced is important. As we get older, our collagen production decreases and collagen I and III can be generated via the implantation of the Threads.

Collagen type I is the most predominant collagen in human body. Collagen type I is the top choice when considering anti-ageing solution to improve skin laxity, reduce fine wrinkles and wound healing .

Collagen type III is the second most important collagen produced in human body and work complementary with collagen type I to boost skin elastic its and firmness.

The main difference between collagen type I and collagen type III is that collagen type III is a more rigid scar-like collagen when Collagen type I is a softer collagen

PDO Threads are implanted more superficially than the proper lift threads like Aptos Thread and Spring thread. PDO threads stimulate formation of collagen type III when Aptos Threads or Spring Threads stimulate more the formation of collagen type I . It is the ideal solution for cosmetic patients looking for not only improvement in skin laxity and wrinkle reduction but as well for a smoother and more youthful skin.

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