THREAD LIFT, IS IS FOR ME ? | At theLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

THREAD LIFT, IS IS FOR ME ?  | At theLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

THREAD LIFT, IS IS FOR ME ? | At theLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

A thread lift is not a facelift and should not be suggested as an alternative to surgical facelift , patient could be disappointed if it is not clearly said upfront.

It is a fantastic temporary procedure to slow down ageing process . It is why it is important to assess properly the degree of skin laxity of a patient to offer the correct advise and treatment plan. Often Thread lift need to be combined with other procedures such as filler injection and Botox to get the best outcome.

The ideal candidate for a thread facelift is someone who have a mild sagging or loose skin. It could be as well a patient with a more severe sagging skin laxity at the condition patient clearly understand limitation of the procedure while being attracted by the fact Thread lift is a less invasive procedure than surgical procedure (45 minutes) with very little downtime , rapid recovery and an immediate visible result.

A thread lift is not limited to only lifting and adding volume to sagging cheek but can treat different areas:

– Elevate sagging brows                                                                                                             

Elevate and refresh marionette lines and nasolabial folds                                              

Create fullness in the lips                                                                                                       

Support and revitalise the neck area                                                                                   

 – Correct asymmetry of the brow and face                                                                           

 – Revitalise and lift the jowl area                                                                                           

 – Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How many threads will I need for a Thread facelift ?

The answer will not be the same for each patient according to the degree of skin laxity.

For some patient , 3 threads per side will be more than enough, for others, 5 will be preferably when laxity is more severe. It allows to have a more even distribution of the weight of the tissues between the threads, a better lifting effect and a more lasting result.

Also exit point of the thread in the scalp fascia rather than on the face allows to have a better anchorage to reinforce and prolong the lifting effect over time. It needs to be consider when choosing the method used for the thread lift.

I also often recommend to my patients to combine treatment with Botulinum toxin ( Botox). Done 2 weeks prior the Thread insertion. It relax the muscles and avoid muscle movement to potentially destroy part of the effect of the threads.

To increase as well the threads lifting effect, I like to recommend to my patient to have a course of mesotherapy or PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma )  2 weeks after the thread insertion to help improving skin quality.

Optimal results will be apparent at the three-month review following the secondary neo collagenesis action of the sutures

Starting to think it could be what you are looking for ?

I will guide you to select the correct threads and thread lift method to ensure you will get the best outcome . Call the practice and my assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me !

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