Facial & Hair Rejuvenation


Do you have a full night sleep but still get dark eye circles? Do you repeatedly look tired all the time, even though you have just come back from a relaxing holiday?

Then consider the Teosyal dermal fillers range!

This dermal filler will restore hydration under the eye, which will make your look healthier and refreshed. With long term effects, it is one of the most advanced anti-surgical techniques on the market to correct dark circles.


Do you feel relaxed after your summer vacation, but your face doesn’t look the part? Do you still look tired after investing countless hours on researching creams and treatments for your face? Well, maybe we can help!

TheLondonFacialCare offers a variety of facial rejuvenation treatments to treat your tired look, but have you ever thought of getting an eyebrow lift?


Finding the correct skincare regimen can be daunting and can weigh on our wallets if we don’t know where to start. It is why theLondonFacialCare has decided to dedicate the entire edition of August to show you the best skincare treatments out there!

From preventing ageing signs and skin damage with Obagi360 ® and Obagi-C ® Systems to correcting and transforming your skin with the Obagi Nu-Derm ® product line, there is no angle we have not covered!

We also haven’t forgotten to show you the best protection against UV rays on the market, while complementing your new skincare regimen with tips on a diet to keep your skin healthy from within.

And finally, don’t forget to stay tuned for our fashion post and beautiful haikus to lift your spirit this August!

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Do you want to prevent early signs of ageing? Want to build the foundations for healthy and natural skin for the years to come?

Then adopt the Obagi 360 ® skin regimen to your daily routine! This skincare system has been programmed to protect your skin and respond to younger patients’ potential skincare concerns.


Consider the Obagi C Systems product range if:

  • You are looking for the perfect skincare regimen to prevent damage to your skin
  • You want to maintain a healthy and radiant skin

Obagi C Systems offer a prescription-strength option that has proven to be more productive and robust than other comprehensive skincare packages. Its formula provides the correct amount of hydroquinone and L-ascorbic acid, as well as Vitamin C.

But what are the specific benefits of this formula?


Do you feel like your skin is going through the early signs of ageing? Are fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots starting to worry you?

Then worry no more, with the Obagi Nu-Derm ® System!

Obagi Nu Derm has been a real transformation in the aesthetic market, bringing a physician-dispensed treatment to your skin at the cellular level.

It means that the Nu-Derm ® System can address what we call photo damage skin. Photo damage are ageing signs caused by harmful UV rays and the Nu-Derm ® System can correct photo damage and restore health to your skin cells, making your skin look younger and healthier.


Protect skin from UV Rays with OBAGI

We have all heard of UV rays and how they are harmful to our bodies, but what many people do not know is that there are two types of UV rays known as UVA and UVB. My patients, which I follow with Obagi 360 ® or Obagi-C ® Systems or Obagi Nu-Derm ®, understand how it is essential to use the correct sunscreen protection. Once again, not all of them are sufficiently effective in protecting your skin.

These rays affect the body in the same way, but UVA can penetrate deeper into the skin. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself against these harmful rays consistently and not just when the sun is out!

These rays are the cause of sunburn, brown spots (sunspot), rapid ageing of the skin, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Patients who start having dark spots, more they wait to treat it those spots get deeper and harder to address to remove them.

However, there is no need to fear! With the Sun Protection range from Obagi, your skin is guaranteed to look younger and radiant with long-lasting effects!

Depending on if you have dry or sensitive or oily skin or if you want an added antioxidant in the cream or if you prefer a physical sunscreen, a sun protection product that deflects and scatters UV rays instead of absorbing them, Obagi have them all. Also, some of the Obagi sunscreens exist with a tinted version like Obagi Sun Shield Broad-Spectrum SPF50 ; it uses fine particles of Zinc Oxide and Octinoxate to ensure your skin remains healthy and natural, fragrance-free for all skin types!

As a reminder, don’t forget, avoid the sun between the hours of 10 am – 2 pm may to help to reduce the risk of premature skin ageing.

Try it out, and make sure to protect your skin for a great start in September!

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Love is in the Hair!

With the summer breeze at our doorsteps, the most important thing to look after is our hair!

It is why this month, we aim to take care of your beautiful hair by showing you the latest anti-ageing treatments on the market! From hair beautification with the Mesotherapy technique to PRP sessions that can prevent and resolve Alopecia, the sky is the limit for your hair!

We will also show you the latest summer hair trends by keeping you up to date with our flawless celebrities, as well as give your hair a vitamin kick with all the nutritional facts that aid in hair health!

So what are you waiting for? Stay tuned for this month’s edition and get ready to love your hair, because love is in the hair!

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Do you feel like your hair has become dull and shineless? Do you spend countless hours searching for the miracle product that will restore your hair’s lost beauty?

Then try mesotherapy for hair beautification! The benefits of Mesotherapy for hair include the restoration of your hair’s health and shine, and can even aid with hair loss problems, such as Alopecia.

How does Mesotherapy work? Mesotherapy is a non-surgical technique that consists of microinjections in your target tissues to stimulate the mesoderm. It relieves a wide variety of symptoms and conditions of the hair.

Mesotherapy brings around the hair follicle a broad range of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, and co-enzymes so that the hair follicle can grow and survive through correct blood circulation and the excess of DHT (Dyhydrotestosterone) is neutralised.
This treatment also stimulates natural hair growth, with chances of good results for patients being higher than 90%. As hair loss is provoked by hormone imbalances, lack of nutrients, and bad blood circulation, mesotherapy can restore the essential nutrients that the hair follicles need.

At theLondonFacialCare, I use the U225 Mesogun. That allows the rapid replacement of plasma into the scalp, making it a painless procedure with very minimal discomfort. How long does mesotherapy take to work? It depends on every patient, but results can be noticed after the second session. Patients usually resume their daily activities right after injection, making it a simple routine they can adopt in their lives.

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Alopecia is a hair loss condition and is a terminology that refers to different forms of hair loss, both scarring, and non-scarring ones.

Differing factors usually cause alopecia. It ranges from physical and emotional stress, imbalance of nutrients and vitamin deficiencies as well as hormone imbalances. It can also be due to hereditary factors when expressed in many male pattern baldness.

However, here at TheLondonFacialCare, we can treat non-scaring alopecia as well as prevent it. Often referred to as Alopecia Areata, this condition is reversible with the right aesthetic treatments.

I can treat localised areas of hair loss (patches) that still have the hair follicle bulb intact, by using Plasma Therapy (PRP). This treatment has shown that up to 70% of patients do experience new hair growth from active follicles.

But what is so special about the PRP technique? Well, growth factor molecules associated with platelets include the promotion of growth, collagen differentiation, and even specialised formation of the blood vessel.

Side effects are also very minimal. With minimum discomfort during the procedure, our patients experience a noticeable reduction in hair loss. Fine miniaturised hair starts to thicken, and this is usually noticeable by three months since the first application. So patients find their hair easier to manage, thicker and in better condition. Patients are highly satisfied with the results and continue to have maintenance treatments every six months.

So why not consider PRP with us for a hair regrowth treatment? It is a safe and effective treatment for hair thinning, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Book a consultation today with Dr. Fern and get a bespoke mesotherapy treatment designed only for you!

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Does PRP work for hair loss? Hair loss therapy and hair loss treatments are one of the most sought for treatments on the market, often misleading patients who want to fix hair loss problems.

Patients tend to be disillusioned with hair growth treatments, as they have usually attempted some who haven’t worked or think that hereditary conditions determine the outcome of any possible treatment.

However, PRP treatment has proved to be active on natural hair growth at surprising levels. PRP is used as hair loss prevention as well as hair loss treatment. But is it enough to solve the problem on its own?


Want to restore firmness and get back your glamorous skin? Want to regain radiance, shine, and glamour like never before?

Try TheLondonFacialCare’s latest treatment, the bio-remodeling skin treatment, Profhilo!

Stay tuned for this month’s Dr Fern Mag! Profhilo is the star of the show! You will know how it works, whether it is the right treatment to choose, and how you can complement Profhilo with our other skin treatments and tips!

We will shop as well around to find the perfect swimming suit to show off our hard work at the beach!

Get ready for the summer!

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What is Profhilo? Is it the right treatment for you?

Profhilo is one of the newest anti-aging techniques developed in Italy in 2015. it has boomed the aesthetic industry! It is a hyaluronic acid (HA) gel.it treats skin laxity through skin bio-remodeling.

It is an excellent alternative to dermal fillers. It combats tired-looking skin and the loss of facial volume by stimulating four different types of collagen and elastin. With a higher degree of spreadability, it doesn’t produce lumps. Profhilo is capable of releasing the hyaluronic acid at a slower pace.


Profhilo or Dermal fillers ?

As we age, our skin is confronted with a lessened production of collagen and elastin. Our skin becomes thinner and less elastic.

Until recently, dermal fillers have been the dominant anti-ageing and non-surgical products on the market to deal with those issues. Now, new options in the industry, such as Profhilo, can easily create confusion at what is the right treatment for our desired results!

So, Profhilo or Dermal fillers? Both dermal fillers and Profhilo are made of hyaluronic acid (HA). Dermal fillers are usually biodegradable liquid gels that contain anesthetics to ensure a less painful procedure. Profhilo is made of a pure HA technology and is not targeted at volumising the face like dermal fillers.

Profhilo acts as a skin booster. Profhilo provides hydration, production of collagen and elastin by bio- remodeling the skin.

Unlike dermal fillers, Profhilo doesn’t need anesthetics. The application of this product consists of only five injection sites to be carried. It makes its use easier and less painful.

Profhilo is easily spreadable. It adapts easily to the structure of your face without producing lumps. Profhilo can equally be used as a preventive measure to avoid wrinkles and lines, as well as a solution to skin laxity problems on older patients.

However, dermal fillers still remain one of the best treatments at targeting specific areas and concerns of the patient. These include areas like nasolabial folds, the tear trough area, and the chin area.

Dermal fillers are also one of the best options to target concerns of volume loss in the cheeks and mid-face area, while Profhilo is an excellent option to maintain a balanced look, with unsurpassable skin health.

All cases are different. A full assessment of the patient is required. In many cases, the combination of different anti-ageing treatments will provide the best result possible, remodeling the face without inflated the face by using too much fillers. Profhilo is the perfect answer to be combined with fillers!

So what are you waiting for? Call the practice to find out what the best treatment for you is! My assistants will be happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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Are you looking for some anti-ageing tips?

As we get older, we tend to cross paths with ageing signs that are more simple to prevent and solve than we think!

The little things matter when it comes to keeping healthy and radiant skin, but we don’t know many of what they entail!

It is why I want to let you in on the secret tips to skin anti-agers!

One of the worst causes of ageing skin is sun exposure. UV exposure damages your levels of elastin and collagen at unprecedented levels, causing your skin to droop and to form wrinkles. The best advice out there is to use your sunblock every day, with an SPF protection of at least 30. It can be used in combination with makeup bases and moisturisers that also include UV protection. Lastly, it is best to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., which is when Mr. Sun works at its full potential!

Another excellent anti-ageing tip includes the significant advantages of using a topical cream that contains retinoid and AHA (alpha hydroxyl) as part of your skincare regimen. Retinoid, combined with an anti-inflammatory agent and an anti-oxidant will smoothen your skin for a healthier appearance.

I highly recommend the use of the Obagi Skin Health products, with results showing within two months. However, make sure to do your homework and gradually introduce them to your skin regimen as there is a time of adaptation, and each case is different. If you pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid retinoid.

Last but not least, time is the essential key to finding the right skin regimen for you. Money is not necessarily the key to achieving perfect skincare treatment!

Including a routine for both the day and evening is essential to prevent ageing of the skin. Essentially, sunscreen during the day is a must! In the evenings, it is essential to remove all your makeup and use a cleanser before the application of retinoid and then a moisturiser. No exceptions should be made after long night outs, as that could lead to outbreaks and deterioration of your skin’s regenerative process. Also, it is a good idea to try peels and exfoliation once a month. It works for most, and by being a more in-depth process, it stimulates collagen growth and skin regeneration, Obagi Peel radiance is my recommendation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my anti-ageing tips! And why not book a consultation to complement your skincare regimen with a treatment? My assistants will be more than happy to book you an appointment with me!

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Let us help you get rid of your marionette lines!

Do you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “why do the corners of my mouth make me look sad?”.

Age is not the only factor that may cause you to have marionette lines, as smoking, genetics, and sun damage also contribute to this.

There are a few preventative measures that can be taken to delay or even stop developing the marionette lines.

The first of these measures is applying sunscreen, and we recommend anything SPF 30 or higher. Furthermore, you can use cosmeceuticals with clinically proven ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and fight wrinkles such as Obagi.

Another non-invasive procedure to remove or even prevent the marionette lines would be dermal fillers and threads.

Let’s find out which is best for you!

Stay tuned to this month’s edition of the Dr Fern Mag, find out solutions available to target marionette lines, and book your consultation to get rid of your sad look!

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Marionette lines run from the corners of the mouth, in most cases making the person look sad. So, why are they called ‘marionette’ lines? It is because they look like the lines that run along the face of a marionette. Symptoms of the marionette line are dryness of the skin, loss in elasticity, and firmness of the skin.

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What best for Marionette lines?

Once marionette lines begin to deepen, your face begins to appear heavier, with a saddened expression. The cause of marionette lines is the loss of soft tissue and structural support beneath the skin.

While they tend to make the skin sag, a solution to this problem can easily be applied! Since it is merely a problem regarding a loss of volume, the recommended treatment is dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Teosyal.

Alongside dermal fillers, I often recommend Botox into the muscles that are pulling down the corner of the mouth. Although Botox will not do the job on its own, it can help the corners of the mouth take a more horizontal position.

Want to find out which treatment is best for marionette lines for you?

Call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me.

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Dermal fillers to solve marionette lines

Teosyal RHA products are perfect for the moveable areas and to solve marionette lines. When they are applied, they can fill wrinkles and guarantee dermal hydration to be maintained at an optimum level. Teosyal RHA products also help to keep the elasticity of the skin, overall toning your face and brightening your complexion!

It is an innovative formula developed by the Swiss brand Teoxane, and it works well with faces that are static and dynamic. This formulated gel adapts to every emotion you may have, especially when injecting to restore your smile and solve marionette lines.

After saying that, it is important not to overestimate the result achieved with dermal filler injected directly into the marionette lines. If over injected, it can distort the patient’s facial expression and make a face looking heavier.

A better result will be achieved to solve marionette lines and nasolabial folds by concentrating on facial contouring and injecting the cheek area instead. It will create an uplifting effect, which will help to reduce the importance of the marionette lines.

Combined with a botox injection in the depressor angular oris, it will help to stop the downward mouth that makes you look sad.

Call the practice today! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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Where to inject filler to solve marionette lines?

My approach for marionette lines differs according to the ageing stage involved.

My preference is to inject filler first: Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that restore lost volume in the face, stimulate collagen production, and attract moisture to the treatment area. It fills in the wrinkles and folds while improving skin texture and flexibility. They work by stiffening the upper part of the lip and adding bulk to the bottom corner to turn it upside down.

They are temporary but usually last around 6-9 months in that area, sometimes longer.

  • When a patient is young, and their chin is fresh and cheek naturally uplifted, I inject the filler using the MD codes Lp6 to inject deeply on the corner of the mouth to turn it from a downwards position to up.                                              It can be consolidated, if necessary, with an injection of Botox on the DAO (depressor anguli oris muscle). It is because when this muscle is strong, it tends to bring the mouth down.                                                            The risk of this method is that it can affect the smile in some people.  It is temporary and would require re-injection about every three months.
  • When the patient is a little older and starts to show signs of skin laxity and loss in the definition of the lower Jaw, working on the cheeks first to inject filler will uplift both the corner of the mouth as well as contribute to eliminating the sagging cheek. It will bring a more natural result than just injecting in the corner of the mouth.
  • For much older patients with real sagging cheeks, threads combined with fillers is the best option. We need to be cautious not to overfill the cheeks with fillers. We want to achieve elegance. If we inflate the cheeks too much, the face will look too heavy!

There is not one way to consider solving marionette lines. it is the reason why a careful analysis of the face is necessary before injecting to make sure the treatment plan decided is appropriate to maintain a perfect balance for the entire face.

If you are wondering what would be the best option for you, what are you waiting for? Please call the practice. My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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