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Marrionette lines run from the corners of the mouth, in most cases making the person look sad. So, why are they called ‘marionette’ lines? This is because they look like the lines that run along the face of a marionette. Symptoms of marionette line are dryness of the skin, loss in elasticity and firmness of the skin.

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Once marionette lines begin to deepen, your face begins to appear heavier, with a saddened expression. The cause of marionette lines is the loss of soft tissue and structural support beneath the skin.

Whilst they have the tendency to make the skin sag, a solution to this problem can easily be applied! Since it is merely a problem regarding a loss of volume, the recommended treatment is dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Teosyal.

Alongside dermal fillers, I often recommend Botox into the muscles that are pulling down the corner of the mouth. Although Botox will not do the job on its own, it is able to help the corners of the mouth take a more horizontal position.

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TEOSYAL RHA products are perfect for the moveable areas. When they are applied, they are able to fill wrinkles and guarantee dermal hydration to be maintained at an optimum level. TEOSYAL RHA products also help to maintain elasticity of the skin, overall toning your face and brightening your complexion!

This is an innovative formula developed by the Swiss brand Teoxane, and it works really well with faces that are static and dynamic. This formulated gel adapts to every emotion you may have, especially when injecting to restore your smile

TEOSYAL RHA is amazing for enhancing your lips, I personally love a blend of TEOSYAL RHA 2 and 3 because if builds a remarkable structured and natural result result!

TEOSYAL RHA 2 promotes juicy and lushes lips perfect for every smile and pout! And most of all, it is completely unnoticeable while kissing that special person in your life!

The best part is that there is no swelling and the gel is absorbed right away. Local anaesthetics are given to give maximum comfort. TEOSYAL RHA 3 enriches thinned lips, helping you get rid you of marionette lines and ultimately turning that smile up!

So, are you looking for a painless treatment, which has no swelling add wish to find out more about TEOSYAL RHA 2 and 3?

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My approach for marionette lines differs according to the ageing stage involved.

My preference is to use fillers first: Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that restore lost volume in the face, stimulate collagen production, and attract moisture to the treatment area. This fills in the wrinkles and folds while improving skin texture and flexibility. They work by stiffening the upper part of the lip and adding bulk to the bottom corner to turn it upside down.

They are temporary but usually last around 6-9 months in that area, sometimes longer.

When a patient is young and their chin is fresh, I inject the filler using the MD codes Lp6 to inject deeply on the corner of the mouth to turn it from a downwards position to up.

It can be consolidated, if necessary, with an injection of Botox on the DAO (depressor anguli oris muscle). This is because when this muscle is strong, it has the tendency to bring the mouth down.

The risk of this method is that it can affect the smile in some people.  This is temporary and would require re-injection about every 3 months.

When the patient is a little older and starts to show signs of skin laxity and loss in definition of the lower Jaw, working on the cheeks first will uplift both the corner of the mouth as well as contribute to eliminate the sagging cheek.

This will bring a more natural result than just injecting in the corner of the mouth.

For much older patients with real sagging cheeks, threads combined with fillers is the best option. We need to be cautious not to overfill the cheeks with fillers. We want to achieve elegance. If we inflate the cheeks too much, the face will look too heavy!

There is not one way to consider solving marionette lines, it is the reason why a careful analysis of the face is necessary prior to inject to make sure the treatment plan decided is appropriate, to maintain a perfect balance for the entire face.

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Thread lifts are perfect alternatives for surgical face lifts. They are practically non-invasive and cheaper. Thread lifts for marionette lines are perfect and specifically target the jaw area.

The dissolvable sutures are injected under the skin, and once they dissolve they allow collagen to grow in their place, allowing you to see long lasting effects.

Dermica threads polydioxanone (PDO) are made from the same material as dissolvable stitches.

The threads are injected under the skin and give a structural template for the collagen to grow, helping to reduce the effects of lines and wrinkles on the face.

The threads should not be visible through the skin and is used in lower areas of the face for problems such as marionette lines, nasolabial folds and laugh lines.

So, if you are wondering if this is the right treatment for you, what are you waiting for? Please call the practice. My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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Teosyal Redensity II is one of the safest and most effective dermal fillers products  designed to treat the periorbital area and tear troughs.

It consists of a lightweight gel and requires a small amount of pressure for it to enter the tissue below the skin. It had been reformed to deal with the gentle skin in the eye circle area helping to prevent bruising.

Teosyal Redensity II also is not as hydrophilic as other HA gels, resulting in little to no swelling after the injection.

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Wondering about eye rejuvenation ? Do you constantly look tired all the time? Do you get your eight hour sleep in but still get dark eye circles?

With our eye area being one of the most sensitive and fragile part of our skin, it is one of the biggest signs of ageing.

So if you have been looking for a solution with no avail, look no further! Our top selling product, the Teosyal range is one of the best anti-aging dermal fillers and rejuvenation techniques, to get rid of eye circles and recover a refreshed and natural look!

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The tear trough is usually referred as the dark shadow that lays beneath your eyes. An increasingly popular area that is treated with anti-ageing treatments, patients usually worry that injecting will cause pain and bruising.

However, here at TheLondonFacialCare, I use a cannula to inject the eye area rather than a needle. Cannula’s are not sharp like needles, making it the perfect tool to inject this sensitive area of the skin.

By using the cannula, bruising is kept to a minimum, which makes it more convenient, as several of my patients want to resume their work activities and other schedules straight afterwards.

It causes less pain than needles and requires less entry points than needles because they are longer. This provides a safer procedure as there is less risk of perforating a blood vessel.

Furthermore, I use the cannula to inject the tear trough as it is the safest method for injection, minimising your recovery time. However, I also use needles on certain filler treatments in there areas as they could provide better results in certain cases.

If you wish to find out more about the tear trough procedure, please call the practice. My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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Tear trough, how to treat them correctly ?

When patients come to my practice wanting a solution regarding their tear trough, they usually expect to be injected straight in that area.

However, it is often the case that you can fix the tear trough by focusing on other aspects of the face. This is why we need to understand why the tear trough develops in the first place!

Tear troughs usually develop with ageing. As we get older, we lose facial volume in the surrounding area, and dark circles under the eyes are deepened because of the skin laxity. It can also occur due to our lifestyle, where excessive exposure to the sun and smoking causes the skin to lax prematurely.

As a result, our cheeks drift downwards and this accentuates our naso-labial folds. By focusing on fixing these areas affected by the sagging tendency of our skin, the tear trough can be better addressed by treating these areas.

Further treatments to support the periorbital area, the crows feet area or the submalar area should be considered first, in order to ensure a more natural and sustained look!

Here at TheLondonFacialCare, I make sure that my patients undergo a full facial assessment with pictures before they decide to inject or opt for treatment. This way, they can fully understand how to achieve a beautiful and natural result.

By working on the foundations of the face first, we can then proceed by contouring the face and make it more refined. And this is why it is the best way to treat the tear trough!

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Having dark circles and wrinkles really affects your overall look. These small setbacks are not signs of sicknesses, however when people see this they assume you are tired. In reality, dark Circles and wrinkles under the eye emerge as a result of ageing. Aside from this, these irritations can occur from different factors, such as stress, allergies, exposure to the sun, loss in collagen, and it can even be hereditary.

Looking for an everlasting resolution to this problem? Why not consider the Obagi NuDerm Blender, the Obagi Tretinoin or the Elastiderm Eye Complete Complex Serum?


So what are PDO threads, you ask?

PDO threads are one of the 21st century anti-ageing miracle techniques, which tighten your skin and improve the minor wrinkles you picked up in the process of ageing!

Monofilament PDO threads are like a scaffold to the face, and it thus produces natural collagen in your skin, which makes it look younger, brighter and more elastic.

Barbed PDO threads (COG), on the other hand, are used to fix sagging areas of the skin and can be used in conjunction with monofilament PDO threads.

Many use PDO threads to achieve a lifting effect but that is not always possible when the skin has caused to sag too much.

Do you want to find out more about PDO threads and whether it is right for you?

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PDO threads have been around for a while, but the trend has really picked up in recent years due to the fact that practitioners have perfected the way to use them and apply them on patients according to their own, specific needs.

PDO threads are a great skin rejuvenation option, as there are almost never allergic reactions and long term complications after its use. The effects of the procedure last up to 8 months, before it is replaced with fibrosis.

There are many things we can solve with PDO threads. Treatments range from treating wrinkles, tightening the skin, contouring our face or even reducing a double chin, among many others. However, patients always have higher expectations of PDO threads, and they should understand that it is not a replacement for a real surgical lift. But an amazing alternative to be used when opting for non-surgical treatments.

But have you ever wondered how PDO threads really work and which is the best treatment for you?


Do you get wrinkles above your lips?

Do you feel like your upper lip has flattened over the years?

Then you are not the only one! Our upper lip is a key indicator of ageing signs, which further draws on negative factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure as well as genetics.

Here at TheLondonFacialCare, I use a combination of PDO threads and hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers or PRP (platelet rich plasma) to fix smoker’s lines above the lips, making it the most efficient non-surgical technique for rejuvenation.

PDO threads are known for the use of collagen type 1 and 3 regeneration and it has been an approved method for it as well as lipolysis and neo-vascularisation!

The Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a great complimentary treatment with the PDO threads to get rid of wrinkles above your lips as it allows the neo-vascularisation and collagen regeneration happen through a growth factor release, which in turns gives the treatments the best possible results. It is injected when we insert the barbed threads and is a great non-surgical alternative!

If you wish to find out more about threads procedure, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me!

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Get your lips a boost for Valentine’s !

As the years have gone by, have you felt as if your lips are losing their thickness and slowly starting to fade?

Do you fantasise about wearing your favourite shade of lipstick or gloss, knowing your lips look gorgeous and natural? Be at your best this Valentine’s day with a Lips boost!

At TheLondonFacialCare, I am here to give you the look you have always wanted. I will work very closely with you, to give you the correct dermal fillers ensuring the best possible outcome. The procedure will be carried out smoothly with extra attention to having an even spread of filler helping to revitalise your lips shape and softness.

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Our lips are the most sensual and attractive part of our bodies, making our face look irresistibly good if they are defined and pronounced in a natural manner!

The biggest challenge, however, is to achieve natural lips after lip augmentation. After the trend had picked up, lip augmentation is generally a fine line between fake and natural.

One can tell the difference between fake and natural when the upper lip is fuller than the lower lip. The lower lip should always be fuller than the upper, otherwise you might have a permanent pout that screams ‘fake’ from miles away!


Cannula needles. Are they better to use for lip fillers ?

How many of us has had a lip augmentation and felt that the pain and bruising was not worth all the effort? With the traditional lip augmentation techniques, it is often the case that patients are confronted to an increased risk of bruising and trauma, making the experience unbearable!

Here at TheLondonFacialCare, i use Microcannulas for over 95% of  facial injections, making the process smoother and much more comfortable than the traditional way.

Apart from facial treatments that include cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and lips, i also use the Microcannula to inject your beautiful lips!

Not only does this treatment rejuvenate your face and body, it is delivered with the minimum discomfort and bruising possible. My patients are able to resume their activities straight after application, some going out for drinks or even going back to work straight after!

When my patients ask me why microcanulas are a better injection technique for the lips, I explain that the process is smoother since you fill the upper and lower lip by poking a needle on each side, which pushes the vessels out of the way! This happens because microcannulas have round tips, which minimise bruising and discomfort during penetration!

If you wish to find out more about microcannulas and lip augmentation, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment with me !

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How to get rid of wrinkles above your lips ?

Do you feel like your upper lip has flattened over the years? Have you lost that cupid bow that gave a natural form to your lips?

You are not the only one! Our upper lip is a key indicator of ageing signs, which further draws on negative factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure as well as genetics.

However, you can get rid of wrinkles above your lips, just as there are techniques for lip augmentation!


With a fast evolving society, standards of beauty and perfection have changed over time to become more rigorous and less tolerating of flaws and imperfections. Photos shopped images of celebrities that have the ‘perfect look’ are at the forefront of magazines, which has made the new generation of youngsters even more keen to adopt a flawless look! Taboos around the best time to focus on using non-surgical treatments to improve our looks has stopped us from starting Botox at a young age.

But is it necessary to wait?


Azzalure versus Botox ?

You want to have Botox done but you’re confused and overwhelmed with the different names and options on the market?

The existing products on the market are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. It is the same product with different names in different countries. But the drugs are the same

There is always an overlap in terms of branding these products, meaning that Dysport can be labelled as Azzalure in different countries, even though they are the same product.

Preference to each product defers from practitioner to practitioner, but here at The London Facial Care, I mainly prefer the use of Azzalure (or Dysport). More Dysport units are needed than Botox when injecting, but the end results should be the same.

If you wish to find out more about those procedures and concern about wrinkles appearing on your face, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment  with me!

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Facial wrinkles appear as the result of continuous contractions of the face muscles, which in time results in an old appearance, filled with folds in the skin as well as a lack of smoothness in your look.

These facial wrinkles can appear in a range of areas and in a range of situations. You can produce sleep lines in your sleep, you can also develop facial wrinkles by frowning a lot, which will be seen in your forehead or frown lines as well as your crow’s feet.

Luckily, Botox is an amazing product that can help prevent the formation of facial wrinkles in these areas by neutralising the muscle’s repeated contractions, avoiding your skin to fold and in turn, keeping it smooth and looking young. Botox will in the contrary useless for sleeping wrinkles and use of fillers will be necessary instead.

This is why , in certain cases, I advise patients to use Botox in their 20’s as a preventive measure to push back the process of ageing so that they are able to look younger for longer!

If you wish to find out more about those procedures and concern about wrinkles appearing on your face, please call the practice! My assistants will be more than happy to help you book an appointment  with me !

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