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The time is over where we saw a wrinkle and we injected into it with wrinkle filler to reduce or remove it. Instead we have realised it is important to treat the face as whole. No part of your face exists independently and therefore any action carried on one part of your face has a direct impact on the rest of the face.

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As we get older your skin’s elasticity depletes, also your upper eyelids tend to droop with the effect of gravity and loss of fat pads, bone loss can also cause further sagging which removed your once youthful look.

We now enter a new era for dermal filler technology and practice where dermal fillers are injected at key areas in small amounts with the aim to:

  • Facilitate and strengthen the action your facial muscles, specifically the levator muscles which create a lifting effect
  • Reduce the action of a muscle, specifically the depressor muscles, to accentuate the lifting effect indirectly.
  • Our London Dermal Filler Clinic based in South Kensington aims to give you a naturally youthful appearance

We understand now that before injecting dermal filler in the lips it is extremly important to consider the surrounding structures for example the muscles and position of the teeth. This will assist in creating a natural result which rejuvenates and is harmonious with your smile both at rest and in movement.

Our lip filler service aims to give more volume, straighten or elevate the corners of the mouth and create a better ratio between the upper and lower lip. For more information click to learn more about Lip Fillers in London.

The London Facial Care offers a professional service from start to finish so if you are looking for a London Dermal Filler specialist then you have come to the right place! We are the premier choice for Dermal fillers in South Kensington. Get in touch today!

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Constant and interesting developments are involved in non-surgical aesthetic procedure with dermal filler injection.

Which filler to get rid of the wrinkles on your hands?

The best dermal fillers for your hands will all depend on the condition your hands are in. Dr Fern will also take into account whether they just need maintenance or full blown restoration of volume to improve your skin texture and give you back your youthfulness.

We consider a full blown restoration when your hands have prominent visible veins, and when bands of tissue show, as a result of volume loss.

This happens because we are much less likely to take care of our hands like we do with our faces which unfortunetly creates an imbalanced look between the two!

The London Facial care is dedicated to helping you look your best and we specialise in dermal filler for hands and offer this at our London clinic based in south Kensington. Take a look at our offer above and request a call back to get younger looking hands today!

Dermal fillers for THE chin

Have you ever thought of getting chin fillers done?

Have you researched Juvederm chin fillers before and after results and maybe you think that chin enhancement with fillers is right for you?

The good news is we offer Juverderm in London at our South Kensington clinic.

If you would like to understand more about your chin, it is a good start to gain a better understanding on the importance of your profile. Our patients usually ask us ‘how much chin fillers do I need?’.

The answer is that it depends on what the main concern is, every face is different and we will treat it in harmony with the rest of your face.

Why not check out our offer above and request a call back today to book a consultation to learn more about our Juverderm chin fillers in our London clinic based in South Kensington.

Dermal fillers for sagging jawline

Do you have a sagging jawline? Do you think the only answer to fix your sagging jawline is to undergo surgery? Think again twice !

Dermal fillers for sagging jawline are the best non-invasive option to solve the issue. Benefits of dermal fillers to the cheeks will lift your skin back to its original place and regain you a full and young appearance instantly

The good news is we offer Juverderm in London at our South Kensington clinic.

Dr Fern’s philosophy of application is not to treat wrinkles and sagging skin in isolation, but to consider how volume loss in one area affects the others.

Depending the severity of sageness of the jawline, dermal fillers combined with non-surgical treatments, such as pulling threads will give a better result without inflated too much the cheeks avoiding an unnatural result. But when the case it too severe, they might need to consider surgery. It is why it is so important from the age off 35-40 to start addressing the issue and avoid surgery later on.

Why not check out our offer above and request a call back today to book a consultation to learn more about our Juverderm jawline fillers in our London clinic based in South Kensington.

About dr fern

Dr Fern Jean-Joseph is a highly talented and respected clinician in her field. With more than 20 years’ experience in orthodontics and over a decade practising facial rejuvenation, Dr Fern’s treatments include Botox, dermal fillers, thread-lifts and mesotherapy.

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