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Blepharoplasmage is the perfect eye lift alternative for those who do not want to think about surgery and long recovery time.

Have you started losing peripheral vision caused by the slackness of the upper-eyelid skin draping over your eyelashes?

Do you feel the outer and the upper portions of the field of your vision are affected and cause you some difficulty in driving or reading a book?

If aesthetically, you can’t stand your droopy or baggy eyes anymore, Plasmage is then the perfect answer for you.


Plasmage is mainly described as a none surgical eye lift, replacing in mild cases surgical blepharoplasty and as a cosmetic procedure for those who want to keep a fresh look.

Did you know that Plasmage also works beautifully to erase smoking lines on the upper lips, to smooth wrinkles on the chin, to tighten skin on the neck, hands, belly button, and much more!


Lips Myomodulation, The ‘No Treatment’ look 

Gone are the days when you wanted your face to look obviously ‘done’, the latest trend is to have small add up to your appearance.

My signature approach is less is more. I can treat the upper face with botulinum toxin injections (botox) and the mid/lower face with a combination injectable treatment style, the Myomodulation approach. An innovative framework:

  • for an understanding of the role of muscle movement on facial appearance and
  • how modulation of muscle movement with injectable fillers
    • can address structural deficiencies,
    • rebalance abnormal muscle activity, and
    • restore the facial appearance

to provide results that deliver a refreshed, well-rested, and slightly younger-looking you.

Let’s find out how it works!

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LIPS MYOMODULATION for natural and attractive Lips | TheLondonFacialCare | Dr Fern

What is Lips Myomodulation ?

Interesting and constant developments are involved in non-surgical aesthetic procedure with filler injection.

The time is over for a long time where we saw a wrinkle and we injected into the wrinkle to mitigate or remove it. It is important to treat the face as whole. No part of the face exists independently  and any action carried on a part of a face has an impact on the rest of the face. Hence the importance of true upstream consultation  and take pictures  to perform a real facial analysis at risk otherwise to obtain unnatural and unsatisfactory results.


Myomodulation for gummy smile can be achieved with Botox and as well as with Fillers depending on the case.

A beautiful smile is important. It’s the first thing most people notice when they meet you and can have a significant impact on their lasting impression of you.

In the past, the primary option for treating a gummy smile was to have surgery, which could involve sculpting or contouring the gum to shape it and remove excess gum tissue from the mouth, or a lip-lowering procedure to cover up an overly gummy smile. Surgery could also focus on altering the size and shape of the teeth or changing the position of the upper jaw.

Nowadays, though, there are far less invasive methods for reducing the appearance of a gummy smile, such as getting Botox treatment in London and Filler.


Introducing MD Codes with Dr Maurico De Maio, the Dr Fern Mag of July will be all about it!

With MD Codes, we combine different dermal fillers injection sites to achieve a non-surgical facelift!

Planning ahead is the key to successful treatment and being an expert in MD Codes gives Dr Fern the pleasure and confidence to introduce this wonderful technique to her patients and deliver natural and safe results!

Find out all about it and stay tuned!

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MD Codes | Advanced Dermal Fillers | Juvederm

MD Codes, advanced dermal fillers, Juvederm… you have so much to consider with information blurted all over the place. I want to share with you my knowledge and advice on these treatments!

MD Codes to treat Nasolabial Folds

MD Codes to treat nasolabial folds are the perfect way to create a natural and balanced look, to combat anti-ageing. But not all practitioners approach it as the first point of technique. Let’s explore this option!


Say no to hair loss with PRP and let your body heal you!

This month of the Dr Fern Mag is dedicated to taking care of your beautiful and precious hair.

PRP Hair Loss uses active growth factors in platelet-rich plasma to stimulate regrowth by acting directly on hair follicle stem cells. We will give you all the information you need to know about it and more!

Want to know what vitamins are the best to complement your hair treatment? Or want to know what the latest device is on the market that will support and complement your new PRP?

Stay tuned and say no to hair loss with PRP!

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Hair loss can affect your scalp or your entire body. It can be the result of hormonal changes, medical conditions, or medication effects, as well as hereditary. Anyone can lose their hair, but baldness is more common in men.

About 85% of men will see their hair thin by the age of 50. There are also men who start losing theirs even before they turn 21 years old.


Are you looking for tips for hair regrowth?

Do you find too much hair on the work table or the pillow? Consult a doctor, whatever your age. The consultation will tell you whether or not you have Androgenetic Alopecia.

It is essential to diagnose and treat it as soon as possible to try to rescue your hair. The doctor should confirm whether or not it is Androgenetic Alopecia among all other causes of alopecia.

In all cases, if your hair is falling, you are looking for a solution to stop that. You are ready for everything to get your hair back, and you’re wondering what the best things to do to complement your PRP treatment are.


What is the hope for a baldness cure?

Baldness usually refers to excessive hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary hair loss with age is the most common cause of baldness. Some people prefer to let their hair loss take its course without treatment, and without trying to hide it. Others choose to camouflage their baldness with hairstyles, makeup, hats, or scarves. Still, others opt for one of the treatments to prevent hair loss and restore growth.

But sometimes, it’s too late to opt for preventive or regrowth treatments as the follicle has already DIED out. Is there any solution then?

Luckily, there might be! Scientists have designed a new chemical that intends to imitate sandalwood smells, which has been proven to provoke hair regrowth in humans.


Obagi TCA Peel has arrived at the LondonFacialCare!

Want to correct your pigmentation problems? Do you have large pores? Or has your skin been exposed to sun problems?

Obagi TCA Peel is the answer!

Obagi TCA Peel is the best chemical peel for radiant and glowing skin! It is easy and effective, with little downtime!

So if you want to get rid of fine wrinkles, reduce pore size or correct pigmentation, then look no more!

Get your confidence back and get your skin ready and glowing for the summer! Capture youth with an Obagi Peel!

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Today in the U.K, peels are among the most popular aesthetic treatments out there. Why? Because peelings are the best way to renovate the skin! Unlike the mechanical peeling that is done at home, the chemical peel is practiced by an aesthetician. To restore radiance to the dull complexion, to fade spots, or smooth the skin by reducing the relief of wrinkles … there is no limit to what chemical peels can solve.

The stronger the peel, the more effective it is, but the peel required depends on each patient. A light peel will only work on a superficial layer, which is the epidermis. With a stronger peel, we will be able to reach the dermis where the collagen fibers and the melanocytes lie. Usually, patients are not sure what the differences are and what the best treatment for them is. It is why useful information on this topic is essential. Discover in this article of the Dr. Fern Mag everything you need to know about the Obagi facial peels, the Obagi Blue Peel, and the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance! Find the fresh complexion and smooth skin that you’ve always wanted!


Obagi Clenziderm is the perfect product to use if you are suffering from acne and blackheads! Why? First, it’s essential to know about the other alternatives available when it comes to acne problems. Don’t you? Lucky you that we have you covered!

If you are considering a treatment for acne, then it is best to start with the difference between medications given orally and prescribed by a doctor, and acne treatments that are applied to the skin, such as a lotion, serum or cream.


Are you unhappy with the skin around your eyes? Do you have baggy lower eyelids or droopy lower eyelid skin?

Then PLASMAGE therapy is for you! This month on our Dr Fern Mag, we will show you how the PLASMAGE treatment can restore your beautiful eyes and make you look rejuvenated without the need for a surgical blepharoplasty!

By using plasma energy, we can contract the skin and restore tightness around the eyes for the beautiful effect you want to regain!

Last but not least, we will also show you how complementary treatments to your PLASMAGE can leave you ready to rock your new look!

Freshen up your look with Plasmage Therapy and book a consultation with Dr Fern !

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Often it is thought that just fixing drooping eyelids is enough to rejuvenate the look. Not necessarily!

It is no coincidence that in recent years, makeup products to structure and emphasize eyes and eyebrows abound in the beauty departments. Eyebrows provided and well-drawn; there is no such thing to structure a face and make the look hyper-expressive. They are rounded, angular, winged… to each its pair!

But with age, when the fat pad on which they rest, the muscles and the skin age, it is their whole structure that collapses!


Empower yourself and increase your confidence with aesthetic procedures!

Men want to look good for their age nowadays, especially as there seems to be more competitive in the workplace. And we want to show you the top of the list for cosmetic procedures for men in 2019!

Botox is one of them, not only to smooth out wrinkles on the face but as well to get rid of excessive sweating. Botox takes 10 to 15 years off and can smoothen your forehead and crow’s feet in 24 to 48 hours!

Hair rejuvenation with PRP is here to prevent hair loss, as well as Mesotherapy, to bring hair growth stimulation! Plasmage is also the latest non-invasive device to improve the quality of the skin of the eyelids (blepharoplasty) to correct drooping eyelids!

And finally, KYBELLA is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the area under the chin to improve your profile.

Stay tuned, and try it for yourself! Empower yourself, make the change!


Botox for men to soften wrinkles has always been an underrated subject, but things are starting to change! Men want to be the best versions of themselves as they grow older. It is why men have caught up to the Botox trend, just like several other things that keep them ahead of the game; like going to the gym, watching their diet, whitening their teeth, and especially having their Botox done regularly! Looking fresh is not just a matter of vanity but has now become a matter of professional survival.


What are the latest cosmetic procedures for men?

The days are long gone when cosmetic surgery was just a ladies’ game. Men want to look good for their age nowadays, especially as there seems to be more competitive in the workplace. So, what will be at the top of the list for cosmetic procedures for men in 2019? Let’s find out!